A Beginner Guide – How To Build A Great Skincare Routine

Having great skin is not only a matter of DNA but having a proper skincare routine has a significant impact on your skin and its suppleness.

However, having a proper skincare regime and following it daily is not an easy task since there are a dizzying number of products, opinions, and trends for keeping the skin healthy, glowing and beautiful since the beauty industry is worth more than $100 billion globally.

This can confuse beginners, creating a sense of worry and complicating their own understanding of skincare.

One primary concern is that skincare and cosmetic products are high-priced and extortionate. Nevertheless, the world has adopted a more digitized approach; now, you can buy your favorite beauty and skincare products through cryptocurrency without going out of budget.

Users can buy Ethereum on paybis, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrencies and start buying their desired products while being at their homes.

This article will explain to you some basic skincare regimes that won’t cost you an arm and a leg; moreover, these routines won’t even be too hard to follow.

Before setting up a skincare routine order, let us start with a few tips to make your skin flawless and glowing.

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3 tips for a flawless skin

Tip #1:

Best Skincare products are meant to be used for the long term to get better results. You should at least use a product for six weeks once or twice a day, as there is nothing such as a quick fix, so consistency and regularity are the keys to achieving the benefits.

Tip #2:

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated, even if you are building a skincare regime or not. Dehydration means lack of radiance, tiredness, and more sag, all of which have a more damaging impact on your skin than you can imagine.

Tip #3: Wash your makeup brushes and sponges at least once a week. Unclean brushes are the hub to infectious bacteria, which can result in clogged pores, acne, and uneven skin tone.

3 major steps for building a great skincare routine

According to the world’s leading dermatologists and skincare experts, healthy and glowing skin has its secret in a three-stepped skincare regime:


Cleansing is where you wash your face to get rid of impurities, remove makeup using good micellar water and eliminate any dirt or oil on your skin. It is recommended to do cleansing daily as the first step of your skincare routine.

The cleansing process has proved to be very effective in the morning and just before going to bed. However, if you use heavy makeup products during the day, you can double cleanse your skin to get every bit of the products off your skin.

Double cleansing requires you first to remove as much makeup or product as possible with an oil-based cleanser, then remove any remaining residue with a water-based or micellar cleanser. However, double cleansing is totally optional.

  • Pick a suitable cleanser based on your skin type. For the oily type of skin, gels and foaming cleansers work best; on the other hand, for the dry skin type, creamier cleansers are much recommended.
  • You do not want the cleanser to strip too much of your natural oils, so opt for sulfate-free products.
  • Always read the ingredients of the products before buying.

Cleansing is an essential part of a skincare regime and should never be compromised.


Your skincare routine cannot be healthy until the outer layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum is fully hydrated. Moisturizing your skin is not only a crucial step in skincare but also plays a vital role in the application of smooth makeup. Moisturizing is a process meant to be done every day in order to prevent skin irritation, breakouts, and inflammation.

It is crucial to know when and how to apply a moisturizer. Apply your moisturizer when the skin is still damp after rinsing off your cleanser. When the skin is a bit wet, humectant chemicals (suck in and retain water from the air) absorb more easily, allowing the product to sink deeper into the skin.

If you are a beginner at building a skincare routine, always test out a product before using it. A small patch test on a discreet place would work fine.

  • Even if your skin is oily, do not skip using a moisturizer. The aim is to find products that suit you best.
  • Look for milder, oil-free moisturizers and lotion compositions if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Oily skin responds favorably to gel moisturizers.

Everyone needs a moisturizer, but the texture will differ according to skin type.


According to dermatologists, sunscreen is the first step towards protection from skin cancer. If you don’t wear sunscreen, it is no use to follow a skincare routine. Sun is the major source of skin cancer, wrinkling and aging. No matter what your skin color is, if you are not protecting it, you are exposed to skin cancer.

Use SPF products to save your skin from UltraViolet Rays (UV Rays). It should be a must-apply product in your skincare routine, whether it’s summer, winter or rain. For the face, dermatologists suggest an SPF of at least 30. Sunscreen not only protects against visible concerns like sunburn but also helps to build the stratum corneum. Dryness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles may all be avoided by shielding your face from UV radiation.

  • There are different types of moisturizers in the market that come with added SPF; however, make sure that’s enough for your skin.
  • Always apply sunscreen thirty minutes before heading out and keep reapplying after every two hours.

Building the best skincare routine should not be an intimidating task; rather, it should be relaxing and easy to follow. The key to a great skincare regime is to choose what products are best for your skin kind and what you feel is best for you. Also, you should always make an effort in knowing about and feeling confident in your skin.

How To Build A Great Skincare Routine

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    Thank you for mentioning how important it is to use sunscreen. In any season. In any weather. Every day. It can really make the skin look better as well as avoid serious ailments.

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