15 Gorgeous Wedding Cake Design Ideas

One of the important decisions to make when planning your wedding is the design of the wedding cake. Below are some wedding cake design ideas to inspire you.

Bow wedding cake

wedding cake
source: IG @wecelebratecakes

This is a gorgeous 4 tier cream wedding cake. The down layer is a pleated cake shaped like a pumpkin with a bow. The next layer has a floral lace design, the third one is a tufted cake and the top layer is decorated with studs.

Pink floral cake

floral wedding cake
source: IG @finespuncakes

Here we have a beautiful pink cake with 3 layers. Between the lowest layer and the second are so many different flowers. And on top of the last cake, we have more beautiful flowers of different colours.

Black and gold wedding cake

black and gold wedding cake
source: IG @etcakes_bakery

Black is a colour that people usually don’t associate with weddings. But personally, I think black is very beautiful especially if paired with white or gold.

Here we have a gorgeous 5 tier black and gold cake. Each cake has a different design and they are all beautiful. I especially love the design on the second one from the bottom, which is simply the date of the wedding and on the fourth cake is their monogram.

Unique wedding cake

unique wedding cake

You can also go for your own unique cake design like this one here.

Pillow cake

pillow cake
source: IG @doodlescake

Here we have a beautiful ten tier pillow cake. Each cake has its own unique design.

White floral cake

floral wedding cake
source: IG @wedding_mirror

This is an all-white cake and it is just so gorgeous. There are 5 layers and they are adorned with pristine white roses, clouds of white hydrangea flowers and beautiful white lilac.

Elegant white wedding cake

white wedding cake
source: IG @thecaketress

If you loved the white first floral cake, then you are going to love this elegant 9 tier white cake. It is adorned with thousands of handcrafted sugar and water flowers, that are just so gorgeous.

source: IG @doodlescakes

Another beautiful white cake with 5 layers, each with a different design. The bottom cake is a tufted cake, the fourth one has a pretty lace design, the middle layer is adorned with beautiful flowers and the fourth and top layer are decorated with beautiful jewellery.

How gorgeous is this floral cake stand?

Marble and floral cake design

floral and marble cake

The floral detail on this cake is gorgeous. But what we love most is the marble design

White sugar flower cake

sugarflower cake
source: IG@hanolicakesinc

This is such a simple and elegant white cake decorated with silver crystals. Here we have 4 tiers and a big beautiful sugar flower on the second cake. Simple cakes are very trendy in 2022. Here are some more examples of one- and two-tier simple wedding cakes.

Floral cake

floral cake
source: IG@butterfly floral

Another beautiful floral cake. Here we have 6 tiers of cake but what makes this cake really beautiful is the incredible floral decor.

Woven cake

woven cake
source: @sweetheatheranne

Another beautiful wedding cake design is this woven cake.

Pink and gold cake

pink and gold cake
source: IG @cakecouturekenya

A gorgeous pink wedding cake with gold details


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  1. May 3, 2020 / 6:21 am

    What stunning cakes! Some of them look too good to eat! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. September 28, 2021 / 12:25 am

    My friend plans to get married once this pandemic dies down, and I want to help him make it very memorable. I like your idea of choosing a unique color aesthetic for her special cake! Maybe we should visit a bakery that can assist him with this.

  3. March 9, 2022 / 1:35 am

    Your example of a black and gold wedding cake was easily my favorite from this article. The luxurious look that this can provide could go well with my sister’s plans to have a very sleek and extravagant wedding reception. I’ll suggest this design to her so she can ask for it when we help her order a custom wedding cake from a local bakery.

  4. October 20, 2023 / 7:16 am

    These wedding cake designs are so elegant and beautiful! Loved the use of fresh flowers and greenery to decorate the cakes. Thanks for sharing this useful resource.

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