5 Common Moisturizing Mistakes To Avoid

For hydrated and refreshed skin, I mean who would not want it, it is recommended that you use moisturizers. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, moisturizers are excellent products to include in your daily skincare routine. There are many problems associated with having your skin dry out such as the outbreak of pimples or acne.

  • How long have you been using a moisturizer?
  • Do you feel that the moisturizer does not work as it should?
  • Are you blaming the products, thinking they are not of the best quality?

It may be true that there are inferior products in the market but have you considered that, maybe, you have been using the product the wrong way and that you have been making some mistakes in the usage of the product?

Thinking back, do you have a skincare routine that you follow in using your moisturizer, or do you just apply it when you feel like it or when you remember to? Now, that is where I get some of you.

It may not just be a problem with the product but a problem with you. So, let us take a look at some common moisturizing mistakes that should be avoided for you to get your product’s worth.

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5 common moisturizing mistakes you might be making

Not moisturizing twice daily

How many times do you apply your moisturizer? I know some are going to be like, in the morning, others will be saying in the evening and then the good ones who will say they apply it twice in a day – that is, morning and evening.

Why do I say that those who apply it twice a day are the good ones? It is because applying twice a day is the way to go. Moisturizing at night may seem unnecessary but it is actually very beneficial.

After a long day, it is important that you take your bath at the end of the day and moisturize your skin. And please do not apply moisturizer on dirty skin; that is just a waste of the product. As the skin can’t absorb the moisturizer with all the pollutants on it.

Although for nighttime, you can skip moisturizers with sunscreen, since you are just going to bed. Also, it is not just about the number of times you apply moisturizers in a day but also how consistent you are.

Applying twice once every now and then won’t get you the results you are looking for. It is important that you get a nighttime skincare routine and stick to it.

Not applying the moisturizer gently

How do you apply your moisturizer? Simple, just rub it on, right? But let me ask this; how do you rub it on? Sometimes, after applying moisturizer, our skin still feels dry and we all know moisturizers are supposed to hydrate our skin. Then why, you may ask, do you still feel dry?

The answer is simple, it is the technique used in applying the moisturizer to your skin. Do not aggressively rub the moisturizer onto your skin – which we often do when we are in a hurry – but do it in a gentle upward massage manner.

Not exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating is very good for the skin and helps to remove dead skin cells to make way for healthy skin. So frequently exfoliating your skin with a gentle body scrub will make it easy for the skin to absorb the moisturizer.

The fact that moisturizers are meant to hydrate the skin does not mean to directly apply it on dry skin. If you really want your moisturizer to enter the skin and hydrate it, then you have to exfoliate regularly to prepare your skin to receive the moisturizer.

It is not advisable to exfoliate daily. You can do that 2-3 times a week but if you have sensitive skin, then exfoliating once a week is enough. Get a gentle body scrub to exfoliate your skin. Also, you can try dry brushing which can be done daily.

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Not using the right moisturizer

What moisturizer do you use and how did you choose? I do not ask this to ask the brand of products you are using but to ask if the moisturizer you are using works for your skin type. Many people go to the market and pick up products without checking to see if the product will work for them.

It might get to a point that you will think the product is not good, but it is not that the product is subpar but that it does not suit your skin. So, it is advisable that you choose products according to your skin type and if you do not know, there are dermatologists who can help you.

Using the same moisturizer for so long

When was the last time you changed your moisturizer? This is a question for those who have been using moisturizers for a long while and for those who have not been using for a long to take note and avoid making the same mistake.

The skin changes as we age and it will require different ingredients as time goes on. Not just aging but different climates may also affect the type of products to use, so you have to regularly check your skin. Watch how it reacts to different environments and use the right products for it.

It can be really frustrating if you feel like you try different products and none of them works for your skin. Sometimes, these simple mistakes might be the reasons why.

5 Common Moisturizing Mistakes To Avoid
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