Have you ever heard of this African proverb that says “the skin is nothing like garments to be borrowed for events? Then it means it is very important and necessary to keep our skin healthy because once it is damaged, we have no other to replace it.

The skin has the biggest duty of protecting the entire body therefore it must be taken care of very well for it to serve its function properly.

Layers of the skin

The skin seems to be a smaller part of the human body at a glance but it may surprise you to know that the skin is the largest organ of the body having about 20-20.5 square feet. The skin can be found everywhere on the body from the head to the toes.

It is made up of 3 layers namely; the epidermis (the outermost layer), the dermis (the middle layer) and the hypodermis or subcutaneous (the innermost layer).


Being the outermost layer serves as a waterproof barrier against pollutants, offending agents and bacteria preventing them access to the inner layers.


Found beneath the epidermis is the middle layer which contains connective tissues, hair follicle and sweat glands for nourishment, production of hair and sweat respectively.


Being the innermost layer contains fatty tissues and connective tissues which regulates the body’s temperature.

Causes of skin damage

Most of the time, self confidence is lost when our skin is not in the perfect shape. Especially when wearing clothes that expose those parts of our body. As a result we are not able to wear the clothes we would like to, to prevent any embarrassments.

Why not keep a healthy skin and be confident in yourself and the clothes you wear? There are some things that causes skin damage such as; improper cleaning or either cleaning too frequently with products that rids the skin of its natural lipids. Or not cleaning regularly leading to build up of microbes on the skin, too much exposure to sunlight, excessive taking of X-rays. Also, certain medications, certain foods and not using the right cosmetics on the skin. Using expired cosmetics and makeup can also damage your skin.

Some people do not realise the problem until their skin is completely damaged, so here are 5 signs to alert you of a damaging skin.

signs you are damaging your skin

5 signs you are damaging your skin

Excessive dryness of skin

Some people no matter the amount of moisturizers they apply on the skin, they still look or feel dry though environmental factors and some other factors may contribute to skin dryness but excessive dryness is abnormal. The dryness maybe due to the damage of the sebaceous gland that produce oil to keep the skin moisturized.

Red patches and tenderness of the skin

When the skin barrier is broken, offending agents like dust or bacteria get easy access to the underlying layers. In attempt to get rid of the offending agent, the skin tries to fight back and is this fight back process that leaves the skin inflamed with the red patches and tenderness. In a healthy skin; this fight back process terminates early but in otherwise skin, it seems constant.

sensitive skin

Skin sensitivity

In a damaged skin, the protective barrier is compromised exposing the underlying layers, the skin becomes dry as said earlier on and invisible cracks may occur on the skin so when a product is used on the skin, it sinks deeper than it should, causing irritations and itching.

Tightness of the skin

A compromised protective skin barrier is no longer able to regulate the amount of water loss and as the skins oil is not produced, it leads to dryness of the skin and also the number of dead skin cells increases and they tend to stick together giving that skin tightness feeling.

Dullness of the skin

When the skin is damaged, it no longer receives the nourishment it needs or it may just not be sufficient which leads to build up of more dead cells on the skin  as a result the skin lacks its ability to give that bright appearance.

If any of the above sounds like you, no need to panic you can make sure your skin stays healthy for longer with these steps.


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