5 Classic Halloween Costumes For This Year

It’s never too early to plan for Halloween. After all, with costumes to prepare, it’s a good idea to get started today. However, instead of coming up with crazy designs, why not consider putting together the best version of the most classic Halloween costumes. Here are some ideas:

witch costume for halloween

5 classic Halloween costumes


A witch Halloween costume may feel overdone, but not if you put your own spin on it. Instead of buying an all-black witch outfit at a local costume store, put together your own design. With medieval-style dresses with a hooded cape, you can skip the witch hat while still dressing as a witch.

Another unique option is a steampunk witch outfit. If you have kids, do a full family affair with the witch theme. It could be impressive! Don’t forget to book a family photographer to help you capture this magic if that’s what you decide to do.

halloween nurse


For some reason, a nurse outfit has been popular throughout the years, and it still is. There are many ways to go about creating this outfit, from the trendy nurse outfit that’s barely there to a more authentic look reminiscent of Florence Nightingale. Whatever the case, a nurse outfit is a timeless Halloween costume that’s been popular for years. 

halloween skeleton


As an iconic Halloween look, a skeleton is a costume that you won’t have to stress over. Pick up a Halloween onesie online and you’ll be ready to go. You can also go all out with your skeleton costume, making it look realistic with paint. You may want to consider hiring a face painter to help you pull off a great skeleton face.

An alternative is to paint the Mexican version of a skeleton with La Catrina, a beautiful nod to those who have passed on. Adorn your head with flowers for this unique skeleton look, with respect for Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead. 

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Cat costume

Cat costume

If money is tight or you’re in a hurry, then you know what to do. Go grab some cat ears, put on an all-black ensemble, and use eyeliner to draw whiskers. Voila! You’ll have the classic cat costume, which everyone knows is the easiest way to dress up for Halloween with barely any effort. However, you could create a more in-depth cat look if you want.

A tight, leopard print full bodysuit with great makeup can have you feeling both amazing and put together, going beyond the easy way out. A steampunk cat design is yet another option if you’re hoping to stand out while wearing a classic Halloween costume.

Pirate costume


Whether male or female, a pirate costume is incredibly classic but also very versatile. From a cute, short pirate dress to a full-on pirate outfit, there are many ways to pull off a classic pirate look with your own spin on it.

Even if you don’t have much time to put your costume together, you can easily grab the items for this classic look. If you’re in a couple, consider going as pirates together, and don’t forget to take some great shots of your outfits to remember for years to come.

In Conclusion

If you want to stand out this Halloween, take time to think about your costume and plan ahead. While you may want to go all out with your costume, some of the most classic looks may make the biggest impact when done with a creative mind and a unique perspective. Just because you go dressed as a cat doesn’t mean you can’t make your cat outfit the best costume at the party!

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