4 Rules To Swear By When Matching Your Jewellery To Your Outfit

When it comes to creating the perfect outfit, jewellery cannot be a panicked afterthought. Your jewellery should bring out the best aspects of your clothes and add different shades of texture and colour that make your outfit pop.

It doesn’t have to be very complicated either! With these simple principles, you’ll soon see how easy it is to match your jewellery with your clothes for a showstopping look every time you leave the house.

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Matching your jewellery to your outfit

Strike the right balance

Use your jewellery to balance out your overall look. If you are wearing bold patterns and bright colours, opt for simple jewellery that doesn’t make the look too busy and overpowering. Stick to elegant chain necklaces and diamond jewellery for a sophisticated look. After all, diamonds go with everything!

The same goes for understated clothes; bring out an element of fun and colour with some over-the-top jewellery which will act as the centrepiece for the whole outfit. Think chunky necklaces, big swinging earrings and shiny bangles that also bring a cute sound effect too!

Use the colour wheel to decide

Matching jewellery to your outfit also depends on the colour. To begin, identify the dominant colour of your clothing and then look at the colour wheel for its complimenting shade. For example, green and blue jewellery looks great against red clothing whilst warm autumnal tones are brought to life with fire opal jewellery.

Use your jewellery to bring out the missing pieces of your clothes and add further colourful layers.

Decide where you want the focus to be

Depending on the vibe you’re going for one particular day or any treatments you might have just had done, you can use jewellery to highlight certain things. If you recently had your nails done, draw attention to them with some statement rings or keep it more understated with some simple bands. Maybe you’re going for a bohemian vibe and you want to give off that carefree spirit with some anklets.
Whatever you style and wherever you want the focus to be, alter focal points with clever placements of jewellery and enjoy mixing and matching your outfits.

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Match your jewellery with the occasion

If you’re dressing up for a special occasion, it can be difficult to know what level of ‘dressing up’ is appropriate. Thankfully, instead of buying lots of new clothes, you can dramatically alter the look and feel of an outfit with clever jewellery choices.

A statement pair of earrings never fail to bring an element of drama to even the most ‘everyday’ outfits whilst more dressy clothes can be muted a little with minimalist accessories.

4 Rules To Swear By When Matching Your Jewellery To Your Outfit

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