When you choose to collect silver jewellery because it is so much cheaper than gold, you can easily grow your collection quickly.
Silver is much more abundant than other precious metals with the global silver reserves in 2014 being 530,000 tonnes. When compared to the price of gold, silver is much more accessible for the average investor, which also means the price of silver jewellery is also significantly cheaper. The lower price of silver means it is a lot easier for you to start a silver jewellery collection, which can quickly grow to an impressive size!

So these are some of the things to do when starting a silver jewellery collection.
 Browsing Silver Jewellery
 An excellent way to start your collection off is to check out the designer silver jewellery at, where you will find a wide variety of different pieces of silver jewellery for sale.
·         Silver Rings
·         Silver Pendants
·         Silver Earrings
·         Silver Bracelets
·         Personalised Silver Jewellery
When it comes to silver jewellery, you will find that there is probably more choices available in different styles and designs, than you will find with other precious metals such as gold or platinum.
A Wearable Collection
 When you collect jewellery, it is a major factor that your collection is wearable, and you can utilise it in your everyday life. There is no point having a jewellery collection that you do not wear and get to show off to your friends, leaving it in your jewellery box to tarnish. Jewellery is something that should be able to enjoy, and you can wear silver jewellery that is elaborate and exquisite, and not have to worry about it getting damaged while you wear your jewellery.
Shop Around
 As well as going to reputable websites to buy your silver jewellery, there are also many other places that you can purchase quality items at a fair price.
Auction Websites– There are many sites such as e-Bay where you can buy a variety of silver products. It is advised to use caution when you buy from sources such as an auction website.
Second-hand Shops– You will find that often second-hand and charity shops will have silver and costume jewellery for sale, and often you can get some excellent bargains.
Antique Shops –You can often find some beautiful items for sale in antique shops although you may pay a higher price than you would in other places.
Car Boot Sales– Another excellent place to get your hands on some second-hand silver jewellery is to scour all of the local markets and car boot sales in your area.
Friends and Family– You may even be able to buy some jewellery from friends or family, which often means a much nicer price!
There are many different places where you can buy silver jewellery, but before starting your shopping spree, it is worth your time to educate yourself first. You will need to learn the difference between solid silver, and silver plating, and also being able to read a hallmark will help you to assess the quality of the silver you have bought. If you are in doubt, you can even turn to your local Assay Office, which may have some useful information for you.
 Just remember to enjoy your collection and do not get hung up too much on the value. Jewellery is there to be enjoyed and shown off, and shopping for it can also be a lot of fun!

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