A Beginners Guide To Shopping For Fine Jewelry Online, Including Custom Jewelry

Shopping for fine and custom jewelry is an investment, and you always want to ensure that you invest in the forever-lasting pieces of jewelry you love. When it comes to buying fine jewelry online, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to find the right site to buy from, especially if you haven’t purchased jewelry online in the past.

But not to worry! Buying fine jewelry online is a convenient and time-saving way to get the highest quality pieces without leaving your home.


The best online fine jewelry brands can offer anything you want, from diamond pendant necklaces to engagement rings and small hoop earrings—some even offer custom jewelry. Not sure how to get started? Here’s a guide to help you navigate the world of online fine jewelry shopping. 

3 Tips for Shopping for Fine Jewelry

3 Tips for Shopping for Fine Jewelry

Look for Sustainable Fine Jewelry Companies

There are a lot of online fine jewelry companies to choose from. So, when deciding which company you want to order from, consider their values and whether or not they match your own. Look for companies that are a part of the RJC and show a dedication to making sustainable and responsible fine jewelry.

This means ethically sourcing materials like diamonds and precious metals to create your jewelry. Look for companies that have earned the coveted Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury, which awards companies that demonstrate sustainable and ethical practices in the fine jewelry industry. 


Order from a Direct-to-Consumer Fine Jewelry Brand

Shopping from a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand has become increasingly popular in recent years. What does direct-to-consumer mean? Put simply, a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand uses a business model that works by selling their jewelry directly to you without involving any brick-and-mortar stores or middlemen.

You can get high-quality pieces like a classic round halo engagement ring or a sparkling diamond tennis bracelet, but you don’t have to pay for the common markups of a jewelry store.

Essentially, you are getting designer-quality fine jewelry without the designer markups. The best fine jewelry companies display a transparent pricing model on each item so you can compare and see exactly where your money is going. 

Take Advantage of Trying on Replicas

When people think about ordering their fine jewelry online, they think they won’t actually see their perfected piece until it arrives in the mail. But this is not the case! Always look for companies that let you try on high-quality replicas of your favorite pieces.

Some of the highest-quality fine jewelry brands offer programs where you can pick out which pieces of jewelry you would like to try on. After you pay a deposit, they will send high-quality replicas of anything you want to test out, from engagement rings to small hoop earrings, right to your home. You get to try them on for a set period of time before you send them back and make your final purchase.

What to Look for with Online Custom Jewelry

What to Look for with Online Custom Jewelry

In many ways, our jewelry is an extension of ourselves and a way of expressing our style. But sometimes, you browse through a lot of jewelry designs, and none of them seem to be quite perfect for you. This is where custom jewelry comes into the picture.

Creating a unique piece of jewelry personalized to your taste is an excellent way to get the fine jewelry pieces of your dreams (literally). Plus, some of the best fine jewelry brands will work with your budget.

Custom Jewelry is also a great option if you want to gift a unique and personalized piece of fine jewelry to someone special, and making a personalized engagement ring is easier now than ever before. So, let’s understand what you need to know about creating custom jewelry pieces online. 

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Custom Jewelry Options

To start, entirely custom pieces of jewelry and custom jewelry options are two separate things. When a company offers custom jewelry options, that typically means that you can easily make minor changes to existing jewelry designs right online; this means things like the total carat weight of diamonds and your preferred metal tone.

Additionally, some of the best fine jewelry brands offer complimentary custom engravings on rings so that you can add another level of personalization to your piece. It can be the thoughtful little detail that makes a proposal perfect. 

jewelry design team

A Dedicated Jewelry Design Team

Now, when designing an entirely custom piece of fine jewelry, you need a dedicated jewelry team to help you with your design. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need any design experience to design your own jewelry.

The best fine jewelry companies will set you up one-on-one with a team member or concierge to help you design and draft your custom piece. They should consider all of your design preferences as well as your budget and then craft a proposal for you to approve before the creation of your piece begins.

Even with custom jewelry, some of the best fine jewelry brands will offer to send a replica of your piece to your home before your final approval. 

A Willingness to Work with Your Budget

Another vital thing to remember is that the best fine jewelry companies will work with your budget when it comes to custom jewelry options and fully custom jewelry.

You might have to compromise on some things to stay in the price range you want, but the company you’re working with should be forthcoming about that. If instead, you’re getting a price that doesn’t work for you and can’t budge, it might be time to find a new jewelry company to buy from.

Master Artisans

This is the last thing to check off the list when looking for an online fine jewelry brand that makes custom jewelry. You put a lot of work and creativity into your jewelry design and want to ensure that it will be thoughtfully and responsibly handcrafted.

Some fine jewelry brands like Verlas have a team led by female Master Artisans dedicated to handcrafting unique, forever-lasting pieces of fine jewelry while working in an environment that abides by international labor laws. This brings us back to the first point in this article: Research the fine jewelry companies you buy from.

About Verlas

Verlas offers beautiful, perfected fine jewelry for every occasion in life. The direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand provides designer-quality pieces without the designer markups.

With just one click, you can customize your favorite fine jewelry pieces, selecting your preferred metal tone and the total carat weight of Verlas’s ethically sourced diamonds. You can also add a complimentary engraving to any ring to further personalize your purchase. And Verlas offers these custom jewelry options while working with your budget.

Browse an extensive collection of diamond pendant necklaces, bracelets, small hoop earrings, and rings like a classic round halo engagement ring, right from the comfort of your home. You can get an up-close look at all of your favorite pieces with Verlas’s 3D-Every-Angle-View online.

And with Verlas’s Try-at-Home program, you can choose up to three different pieces to test out and have high-quality replicas sent right to your home.

The RJC-certified Verlas Studios are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality fine jewelry while adhering to strict international labor standards. With a team led by experienced female Master Artisans, Verlas handcrafts perfected forever-lasting fine jewelry.

To find out more about forever-lasting fine and custom jewelry, visit Verlas.com


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