Logo Science: What Does A Student Designer Need To Know About Logo?

Logo design reigns supreme when it comes to building a brand. The ability of a logo to evoke an emotional reaction can have a significant impact on how consumers and potential clients perceive a brand, service, or business. 

While a strong logo can appear simple, designing successful logo shapes is far from simple. It takes the designer time to play with colors until he achieves the perfect combination. Logo design experts believe that logos with hidden meanings excel better than all the rest. 

graphic designer working on a logo

3 tips for making logo designs

Designing the right shape 

Designing the right shape of a logo will help your business emotionally connect better with your customers. If you look at the hundreds of emojis in your smartphone, you will notice that each carries an emotional message.

Some portray joy, others sadness, humor, love, and so on. The message portrayed by the emoji is in its shape. 

It is the same with the shape of a business logo because the shape carries a message. When creating your logo, think of shapes that portray vitality, humor, appreciation, openness, and so on. 

It should be a shape that helps draw customers into your business and not away. Experts advise soft, rounded shapes are more welcoming than sharp-pointed logos. It doesn’t have to be circular, but it can have curved lines. This is certainly not easy and you need plenty of outside support as a student.

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Working with colors 

Color, beyond question, has an impact on people’s emotions and behaviors and it’s crucial in the creation of a good logo. Despite this, it’s among the aspects of design work in which business owners who would like to create their own logo are most unsure. 

For years, color psychology researchers have researched how color influences people’s feelings and behaviors. Personal interest, sex, upbringing, and tradition have all been shown to influence people’s reactions to certain colors. 

If your products or services are specifically for a certain gender, you must know which logo colors will fit best to the gender. Soft colors might be embraced better by females, while darker colors might do well with males. 

Know how to mix colors from the primary colors to secondary colors, dealing with shades, color tones, warm colors, cool colors, and so on.

Blue displays calmness, peace, and tranquility, while green promotes nature, balance, fertility, luck, and so on. Red displays passion, confidence, danger, while orange promotes energy, warmth, and enthusiasm.   

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Including a hidden meaning in a logo 

The primary aim when creating a logo is to present your business before the people so that they can recognize it, embrace its vision, and emotionally respond to the business. Creating a logo with hidden meaning is one trick designers use to keep their audience engaged. 

The designer aims to help keep the audience thinking or desiring to know the meaning behind a certain word, initials, or shape.

It takes time to study, think and imagine the best-hidden message to include in a logo. Some designers are known to create study playlists to listen to during study and it has helped them elevate their mood and their power of imagination. 

In the logo, the designer can include the head of an animal, an arrow, a mountain, a word, a building, and so on, and fade it so that it’s impossible to quickly notice it. In some logos, you will rarely notice there is something hidden unless you are very keen or someone else tells you.

When you spend more time figuring out the hidden features in a logo, you might become the logo’s ambassador as you disclose to people your discovery about it. 


It is incredibly difficult to create a logo that engages your clients strongly. However, an engaging logo helps your clients think positively about your business and products.

If you manage to create a logo with a hidden meaning, you might manage to win them permanently. Even with a perfect hidden meaning, your logo can fail to achieve its purpose if the shape is scary or it’s sending the wrong message to clients. 

Logo Science: What Does a Student Designer Need to Know About Logo?

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