3 Peep Toe Shoes You Need In Your Closet

Although peep toe shoes have been around for a long time, at a point they disappeared. But guess what, peep toe shoes are back in style and this time around they came with a bang. Now there are peep toe pumps and peep toe boots too and we will talk about why you need all these peep toes in your closet.

What are peep toe shoes?

Peep toe shoes are shoes with a very small opening at the toe box which allows your first two toes to show. They are very similar to open toes but open toes have a much bigger opening that shows all your toes. Where as peep toes shoe just the first and second toes.

What’s the best season to wear peep toe shoes?

Peep toe shoes are best for summer and spring. During these seasons, the weather is much warm and you can show off those pretty legs and oh your beautiful pedicure too.

These shoes are so versatile and can be worn pretty much anywhere. You can wear them to the office, a party, a wedding or even a casual day out with your friends.

Below, we’ll take a look at some various peep toe shoes and where you can wear them to.

Slingback heels peep toe shoes

This type of peep toe shoe is a perfect blend between sandals and shoes. Whiles sandals may not be an appropriate shoe for some corporate offices, the sling backheels peep toes will make a perfect option for such offices.

Peep toe boots

A lot of people might argue that peep toe boots aren’t practical because wear them in the cold seasons and your toes will freeze, wear them during the warmer seasons and your ankles and feet will sweat. Well although peep toe boots are not like your favorite winter boots they can still work during the transitional seasons.

Moreover, there are certain boots that work for summer too and some of these summer boots have peep toes. You can were these peep toe boots to a summer party, date night or even casual outings with friends.

Ombre peep toe pumps

Ombre has taken over the fashion and beauty world, so if you are not already in on this trend, it’s high time you got on board. Although ombre is more popular in nail designs, hairstyles and clothes, it’s finally becoming a part of the shoe world too.

This ombre peep toe pumps is the perfect gradient peep toe heels for you to complete your look for a wedding, prom or an evening party.

Where can I get peep toe shoes to buy?

If you are looking for a place to get peep toe shoes, then you should check out Milanoo. Milanoo is an online store for clothing, shoes and wedding apparels. They have in stock some gorgeous peep toe shoes, so you should definitely check them out.

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