How To Style Your Home For Christmas

The festivities have begun

People up and down the country are decorating their homes for the festive season. Perhaps you love the traditional Christmas decorations and fill your home with tinsel, coloured lights and mistletoe.

Or, you might prefer a more contemporary style, using a theme to match your home’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for a little inspiration this year, look no further.

How To Style Your Home For Christmas
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5 tips to style your home for Christmas

Make an entrance

Start from the outside in and hang a beautiful, festive wreath on your front door. Whether you choose a classic green foliage with juicy red berries and dried oranges, or opt for a modern, light-up star wreath – you’ll be sure to bring the festive spirit right as you step through the door. When it’s time to style your home for Christmas, consider the festive charm of Christmas window boxes.

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Deck the walls

There are plenty of light-up decorations that will look magical on your walls. Perhaps you could hang some fairy lights around doors or photo frames to add that extra glow in each room.

Your mantelpiece is a statement feature and should never be overlooked when it comes to decorating. Why not cover it with festive greenery, lights and hanging stars to brighten up your space?

With a roaring fire underneath it, your living room will be the ultimate cosy hotspot in the house.

How To Style Your Home For Christmas
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Soft lighting

For some, Christmas is all about loud and bold decorations to celebrate the festivities. However, we shouldn’t forget about including softer lighting around the home.

You can add glass lamps to implement a contemporary style amongst all the decorations. Plus, candles and lanterns are great for adding a warm glow as you curl up and enjoy your favourite Christmas film.

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The main event

‘Tis the season to put up the long-awaited Christmas tree – the true star of the show. Start with a blank canvas and decorate as you please. Perhaps you’ll go traditional and hang baubles, tinsel and glowing lights.

Or, you could hang glass ornaments with ribbon to create an alternative look. If you have a neutral home interior, reflect this in your tree to tie your aesthetic together – you could use brown, tan and beige ornaments, or white, black and grey.

The big day

Gathering around the table with loved ones to enjoy a festive feast is something we all look forward to every year, so why not make it extra special by dressing the table to wow your guests?

Bring out your best crockery and truly elevate your tableware. Place natural wooden boards in the centre to hold the delicious food, adding a rustic touch to your decorations.

Add sophistication with champagne flutes to enjoy your favourite beverages. Finally, add candles, foliage and cloth napkins to bring the table together.


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