How To Plan A New Year’s Clean: 3 Tips And Tricks

While it might be enticing to put off cleaning your home until it really must be done, there are many benefits to having tidy home surroundings. Not only has a clean house been proven to reduce stress levels in homeowners, but eliminating germs also improves your day-to-day health by deterring pest infestations and reducing the risk of mould.

And while it might seem tricky to keep on top of the housework throughout the year, the middle period between Christmas and New Year provides the ideal time to get your house in tip-top shape before 2023 arrives. Keep reading for 3 tips and tricks that will make cleaning your home something you might look forward to at the end of the month!

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3 tips to make your new year’s clean easy and simple

Assess your storage

The festive season is the ideal time for a clearout. After you’ve received any new items, you can properly look at everything you own and decide if you might be able to throw out anything. Feeling satisfied that you’ve managed to streamline your belongings?

You then need to ask yourself how you will store it all. By investing in smart storage solutions, you can pack in more into your living space. For example, sliding wardrobes might be a good fit for your room, or vacuum storage bags are great for storing bedding and other heavier items.

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Create a cleaning rota

Doing a deep clean every few months is perfect for keeping on top of larger cleaning tasks like decluttering and rearranging but creating a daily/weekly cleaning rota can also help you avoid tasks building up and overwhelming you. Not yet come up with a new year’s resolution?

Why not make creating a cleaning rota your goal for 2023? Don’t forget to use these cleaning hacks to streamline your rota and break down larger tasks into smaller manageable goals.

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Take advantage of festive cleaning

You might be one of those people who are suspicious about when to take the Christmas tree down, or you might still leave the festive decorations up well into the new year. Whatever type of person you are, properly storing away the tree and your decorations will not only be a satisfying start to your New Years’ clean, but you will also thank yourself handsomely by the time Christmas rolls around next year.

Simple tricks like keeping your baubles stacked up inside plastic crates with lids and padding the space around the decorations with things like tinsel and stockings will halve the time it takes to take your festive bits down, and halve the arguments as well!

The end of the festive season makes the perfect time to thoroughly clean your entire home. With these 3 tips and tricks for a foolproof new years’ clean, you will feel properly ready for the New Year and motivated to keep things organised through the whole of 2023.

How To Plan A New Year's Clean: 3 Tips And Tricks

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