10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Odor Free

Smell is often referred to be the most powerful sense in humans, and it can provide us with a wealth of information about anything from what to eat to whom to kiss. Air smelling nice is always a positive indicator. But, if there is an unpleasant odor, we are unsettled.

Space can feel instantly cleaner, cozier, and fresher with a suitable aroma. Commercial air fresheners manufactured from harsh compounds aren’t the only method to get a nice-smelling home, even if there are a ton of store-bought goods that can aid in this endeavor.

DIY solutions offer a quick and easy way to freshen and smell your home naturally. You may make natural home scents that help you eliminate odors and disseminate enticing aromas with a few common household items and fragrances made from essential oils and herbs.

Here are some of the greatest, inexpensive, and simple ways to create a wonderful aroma throughout your entire home.

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Ways to keep your home odor free

Handle the Moisture

Moisture can often be the main cause of household odors. If you intend to use a dehumidifier, make sure you know the humidity level of your house.

Figure out the humidity in each room by using a hygrometer and see if any have levels higher than 60%.

You can use more than one dehumidifier if necessary, but be aware that they can consume a lot of energy: Begin with one and monitor your progress.

Avoid wall-to-wall rugs or carpeting if you reside in a humid region because they can trap moisture, especially in moist areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Think about storing moisture-absorbing items in smaller, wet spaces like restrooms and closets. Watch out for little sources of moisture, such as towels and sponges. Change sponges minimum every one to two weeks.

Before folding and storing clean towels, make sure they are completely dry. Hang bath mats over the shower rod to speed up the drying process.

Keep Your Waste Disposal Clean

Your kitchen’s strange odor may be coming from your waste disposal. Restoring the fresh scent of your garbage disposal is relatively simple.

Gather old lemon or orange peels and place them in ice cube trays with water to accomplish this trick. Freeze the peels together before disposing of them.

The peels provide chemical-free, natural deodorizing, while the ice cubes are inherently abrasive to assist in washing the disposal blades. You can also make this happen by using a garbage disposal cleaner.

Filter Your Air by Adding Essential Oils

Try adding a few drops of premium essential oils to your air filter the next time you want your entire home to smell fresh. Additionally, essential oils have natural therapeutic capabilities.

Your home’s HVAC systems will circulate the perfume throughout the space and make everything smell wonderful. Additionally, they don’t contain artificial fillers.

A few aromas, like lavender, lemon, and clove, can refresh your entire house while offering advantages like calming and purifying properties.

Sprinkle Baking Soda on Carpeting

Simple baking soda is inexpensive and has natural deodorizing qualities. Try dusting some baking soda on your carpet and leaving it sitting for at least 15 minutes if you want to keep your carpets smelling pleasant, particularly in high-traffic areas such as family rooms and corridors. As usual, vacuum and breathe in the fresh, odor-free air.

Put Potpourri on the Stove to Simmer

Dusty potpourri in tiny bowls may be out of style, but heating some on the stove will fill your home with a beautiful fragrance.

For stovetop potpourri, there are several fantastic recipe options. For a fresh scent, combine lemon with rosemary and vanilla; for a cozy fall scent, combine orange, cinnamon, and apples.

Create Your Own Homemade Air Freshener

Commercial air freshening sprays are not only overpriced and unnecessary, but they also include chemicals that could be dangerous. Try creating your own instead using water and pure essential oils. When guests are expected or when your nose just needs a little pick-me-up, spritz liberally.

Room Spray With Lemon Basil

Cleanse spaces with the aroma of lemon and basil. Start by boiling 3/4 cup of water in a tea kettle or pot, then pour it into a water measuring cup to make a homemade room spray.

Soak four tablespoons of dried basil in the mixture for a few minutes. Use coffee filters to line the funnel before inserting it into a reusable spray bottle.

Slowly pour the basil and water solution into the bottle via the filter to get rid of the herbs. After that, throw away the filter.

Add one tablespoon vodka, 1/4 cup distilled water, and five drops of essential oil of lemon to the bottle. Shake the contents to blend them before screwing on the spray bottle cap. When necessary, mist the odor remover about the space.

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Your Air Vent Should Have an Air Freshener

Automobile air fresheners are also effective indoors. Try attaching a car air freshener to every floor vent if you have them to spread the fragrant air.

Place Vanilla in the Oven

Need to freshen up the air in your home quickly? Go to the pantry. Add two heaping teaspoons of vanilla extract to a cup or other oven-safe container, and bake for an hour at 300 degrees. The vanilla fragrance will eliminate all odors from your home.

Place Scented Candles All Around Your Home

Scented candles are an obvious choice to fill your home with a favorite scent, but they can be more effective when placed carefully. Place a few candles in an unexpected location, but don’t ignite them.

A place where materials might live and capable of absorbing the aroma is the linen closet. Each time you unlock the door, you not only get a pleasant surprise, but the fragrance will follow you wherever you use your sheets.

Use Eucalyptus Leaves as Decoration

Real eucalyptus leaves are not only attractive, but they also give off a fragrant scent that can assist in freshening up the entire home. Keep a few in a vase in the bathroom to provide attractive and efficient deodorizing where you need it the most.

Final Words

Even though unpleasant odors might be annoying, fortunately, some simple solutions are available. We believe that by taking these measures, you can enhance the air quality in your room without using harmful air fresheners.

This will also allow you to lower the levels of air pollutants, which can damage your health.

Making your room smell nice may ultimately be a subjective matter. The simple measures outlined above will take some time to do initially, but after that, all that is required is routine cleaning and maintaining a well-ventilated area. You’ll be healthier, and your nose will be delighted.

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Odor Free


  1. October 3, 2022 / 6:28 pm

    Some very good and helpful tips here! By the way, clogged drains is another common source of foul odor in a home. To remove the blockage, use hot water and baking soda – it is the safest way to remove the blockage. If it doesn’t help, hire a plumber. Remember that it’s not recommended to use commercial drain cleaners very often, because they may cause more harm than good. Being used too often, they can corrode the pipes.

  2. October 11, 2022 / 1:12 pm

    That’s a very good article with some working tips – thanks! Just want to add that very often, odors signal serious problems in a home. And the source of the problem is not always obvious.
    For example, if something smells fishy. If you smell fish with no fish in sight, you could have an overheating electrical component somewhere. The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs is also never a good sign. You either have some old eggs sitting around from a couple Easters ago, or you have a serious gas leak or electrical problem.

  3. October 25, 2022 / 12:16 pm

    Thank you for sharing this!
    Did you know that offensive odors in a home can also be caused by faulty furnace?
    If it’s winter and you smell something like rotten eggs but there are no rotten eggs in your home, it may indicate a problen in your heating system. The presence of rotten egg smells in a home warrants a prompt emergency service call. Ignoring this sign can be deadly.

  4. November 21, 2022 / 7:56 am

    You may also consider using carbon filters in your HVAC system. Carbon filters eliminates odors. They also have the ability to neutralize harmful gases and VOCs.

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