Look Stunning As A 30-Year-Old Bridesmaid

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Is Being A 30-Year-Old Bridesmaid Normal?

Absolutely. Just because your bridesmaids, or yourself, are over 30 doesn’t mean that you have to deal with not looking beautiful or even comfortable in your dress. It’s a big day and you should be able to still look your best, you are in a lot of photos.

It’s not a big to-do if the bridesmaids are over 30, there is no age barrier that would keep anyone from being a bridesmaid. In fact, they might be even more excited to be in the wedding, it’s fun and exciting with lots of things happening.

The only problem with being in your 30s and being a bridesmaid is the mentality of it, being around a lot of younger women who may pull off their bridesmaid dress a little better than you can be very intimidating.

Whether you are gathering ideas of dresses for your bridesmaids, or if you are a bridesmaid trying to find the perfect style to wear, there are some tips to make any bridesmaid feel as beautiful as the bride.

If you are over 30 then you might be a little wary of looking your best during the wedding right? Well, there are some ways that you can make sure that you shine in your dress to help to compliment the bride.

So what should you wear? How can you make sure that you look your best while feeling comfortable?

Well, we’re going to go over some tips to get you started and help ease the nerves and replace them with excitement because you don’t have to fear looking great in what you choose as there are a lot of ways that you can look great and accentuate your subtleties.

Look Stunning As A 30-Year-Old Bridesmaid

What Can You Do?

This is not the time to be comparing yourself though, because there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can do to make you rock your bridesmaids dress no matter what the style of it is. Some things that you can try and do when picking out your dress in order to make sure that it will look its best on you, are simple and just requires a bit of matching.

One of the first things that you can try is to find a neckline on a dress that will accentuate the shoulders and neck itself. Cicinia has a mix and match option that you can choose for bridesmaids so that they can get a similar dress to the bride while choosing a style that will look great on you.

Don’t be afraid to try on different styles than you’re used to, a high knee slit is a good start for a 30-year-old bridesmaid.

You can also get the dress that you choose altered in order for it to fit your body shape better whether it’s too small, too large, or just needs to be taken in or out in a couple of places which is a big help in itself.

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If that doesn’t do the job all the way or if you didn’t have it done then you can turn to getting your hair professionally styled and get the works done with makeup and nails.

Choosing the perfect accessories is another big tip for a bridesmaid to use, and it’s fun! Matching the perfect jewelry not only shows off your neck and dress neckline but also makes you look stunning.

Don’t be afraid to try a pair of dangling earrings with a cute V-neck dress. Be sure to keep good posture while you are wearing your dress and accessories as this adds to your elegance, especially with the right shoes, and helps you look stunning while not taking away from the bride’s beauty.


Even though planning a wedding is a lot of work, and stressful in the grand scheme of things, it can also be beautiful and fun to do while picking out the dresses, accessories and thinking of the perfect hairstyle to go with.

The important thing is to make the bridesmaid look just as stunning in her own dress, as the bride looks in hers. Cicinia has a multitude of dresses to choose from in colors from dusty blue bridesmaid dresses to different styles like the sweetheart look to off the shoulders.

No one should be an unhappy bridesmaid just because they’re in their 30s, but if you match everything well you can look radiant and smile big in the photoshoots.



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