23 Gorgeous Fulani Tribal Braids To Try This Christmas

Looking for an idea for your next protective hairstyle this Christmas season? Then you should consider Fulani tribal braids. This hair braid style originated from the Fulani people in West Africa and the Sahel region but it has been adopted by women all over the world because of its elegance and simplicity.

With fulani tribal braids, you get a mix of both cornrows and box braids. The cornrows go straight back and are parted down in the middle. It is usually accessorized with beads. Although this hairstyle can be done with the natural hair, some people prefer to add hair extension.

Any kanekalon braiding hair can be used for Fulani tribal braids but we recommend going for pre-stretched hair to save you the time of having to stretch the hair yourself.

Just like any protective style, it can last for up to 8 weeks and we recommend not leaving it in longer than that so that you can give your natural hair some care and loving too. You should also tell your hairstylist not to braid it too tight as that can be painful and also damage your edges.

Below, we’ll take a look at some various fulani tribal braids styles.

Fulani tribal braids

Fulani tribal braids
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Fulani tribal braids
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Fulani tribal braids
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Fulani tribal braids
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Fulani tribal braids
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Fulani tribal braids
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Fulani tribal braids
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