12 Simple Ways To Style Lingerie For Outings

Lingerie is one of those items that are mostly worn indoors. But there are some brilliant ways you can style lingerie to make it possible to step out in.

How to style lingerie for outdoors

Pair it with a trench coat

how to style lingerie for outdoors
photo by ingriid hansen

You can wear your lingerie with white pants and a trench coat. Keep the trench coat opened to expose the lingerie.

Brown tube with brown pants and brown check coat

photo by jani_nay

You can also style a brown tube top with a brown pants and brown check coat.

White lingerie with shorts and blazer

source- style connoisseur

You can also try pairing white lingerie with pastel blue shorts and blazer to give it a formal yet classy look.

Pair a black lingerie with a white blazer

ways to style lingerie
photo by maipondo

For a chic casual look, throw on a white blazer on your black lingerie and pair it with a blue pair of jeans and white sneakers.

White lingerie with a white shirt and brown pants

photo by jani_nay

Try pairing your white lingerie with a white shirt and a skinny brown pants.

White lingerie with a black petty coat and jeans

You can also pair a white lingerie with a petty coat and high waisted jeans .

Black lingerie with black pants

For a monochromatic look, pair your black lingerie with black pants

Lingerie with midi skirt

Pair your lingerie with a midi skirt and a blazer for an official look.

Green lingerie with black

You can also style a green lingerie with black trousers for outdoors.

Lingerie with a plunge neck outfit

photo by its lydboss

Although there are deep plunge bras for plunge outfits, you can totally wear your bralette with a plunge top to show it off.

Lingerie with an oversized coat

For a fun look, throw on an oversized coat.

Black lingerie with red trousers

Black also pairs nicely with red. So you can match a black lingerie to a red trouser.


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