12 Stunning Natural Hairstyle Ideas

Nowadays, there’s really no reason why you can’t wear your natural hair because there are so many different styles you can do now and moreover, there are so many brands out there that make hair products for black women’s natural hair.

This means that you can take proper care of your natural hair and treat them right to make them healthy and bouncy, no matter what black hair type you have. So, if you’ve decided to embrace your natural hair, here are some natural hairstyle ideas you can try.

Natural hairstyle ideas

Flaunt your curls

If you have curly natural hair, then let those curls out and flaunt them. People with 4a hair have already defined and visible curls in their hair. But if you have 4b or 4c hair, you will have to define the curls yourself.

You can do this by using curling creams and other curly hair products to define your curls. Make sure that your hair is washed and conditioned before applying these products to your hair.

Another way to curl your natural hair is by braiding, you can try two-strand twists, leave it in overnight and unravel the next day to see your curly hair. When twisting the hair use a product like twist and lock gel to get the curls to hold.

natural hairstyle ideas
Photo by curldaze
Photo by candacee_renee
natural hairstyle ideas
Photo by _harrisjanae_

Bantu knots

Bantu knots are also cute and simple hairstyles to do. You can check out this post for tutorials on how to achieve this look. This hairstyle is beautiful and the best part is, when it gets old, you can unravel it to reveal the curls and that’s a whole new hairstyle.

natural hairstyle ideas
Photo by ieshathegr8


Just because you have natural hair doesn’t mean you can’t have ponytails. Type 4c hair can be stubborn and won’t lay back smoothly, so you can use styling gel to help your hair hold. If you have short hair, attach hair extensions to the back and your ponytail is done.

Photo by mm_exotic_salon
natural hairstyle ideas
Photo by mm_exotic_salon

Curly short hair

If you are now transitioning to natural hair and so have had the big chop, you can still style your TWA hair nicely. One way to do this is by defining your curls. Since your hair is short, you can’t braid them but you can use curly hair products to define the curls.

Natural haircut

If you are not trying to grow out your natural hair and you will rather have your hair short, below are some haircut styles you can do. You can choose to dye your hair if you want.

natural hairstyle ideas
Photo by stepthebarber

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Another haircut style you can do is the fauxhawk. Here the sides of the hair are shaved and the middle part is left out. You can then curl the hair and flaunt your new haircut.

Bow buns

This is such a creative natural hairstyle by akuasaysrelaxx. You can check out her page for tutorials on how to get this done. If you have a thick and long natural hairstyle then you can try the bow buns.

Photo by akuasaysrelaxx_

Investing in hair accessories that don’t take away anything from your natural tresses increases the number of styling options to choose from. By choosing authentic hair extensions, getting certain hairstyles down to pat becomes faster and way easier!

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