When it comes to lipsticks, most of us have that one colour we always use because we know we can never go wrong in it. Every girl has that one lipstick she uses everyday although she has plenty of options to choose from.
But for today’s post, I’m going to urge you to try these colours and who knows? One of these colours might turn out to be your new favourite.


makeup looks

1. RED

Although red lipstick is bold and sexy, most people dont use it because it can be difficult to pull off. But there are different shades of red for everyone so find that shade of red lipstick that looks good on you.
red lipstick
red lipstick look
On me: hugs and kisses lipstick in the shade rouge
mac x sia red lipstick

2. Pink

Pink lip colours are a must have for every girl. They are beautiful and they go with almost every outfit.
                              ministar lipstick
pink lipstick
On me: Ministar lipstick matte and velvet #12
 mac pink lipstick

3. Brown nude

Nude lipsticks are good for that natural look, when you want to look like you have no lipstick on. You can wear nude lipstick at home. There’s nothing wrong with putting on a little makeup at home.

romantic lipstick
 nude makeup look
On me: Romantic lipstick #6

nude lipstick


This is just beautiful. This lip colour is on the darker side. If you haven’t tried any dark lip colours, or you tried and didn’t like the look, then you should try plum.

mary kay plum lipstick
plum lipstick


14 thoughts on “4 LIP COLOURS TO TRY THIS MONTH”

  1. I can see myself wearing all of these colors, Wendee! I love anything that is close too purple, but I love these colors on you. Thanks for sharing, love! Great post.

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