Hey beauties, we are almost at the end of the month so today I decided to share with you all some products I fell in love with in the month of Januray.
Monthly favourites is another category I’m adding to my blog. This will be featured once every month, usually at the end of the month.

Max fair skin science daily facial wash  This is an oil free face wash. It removes oil, dirt and whatever makeup I have left on my face and leaves my face feeling so fresh and not so dry. 

Clearproof by mary kay
This face cleanser  is very effective for acne and blemish control. It helps reduce acne breakout on my face. I noticed that when I use it continuos no acne shows up on my face.

Mycolex-3 cream
I absolutely love this cream. It is a triple action cream, very effective for acne and rash. It works like magic. Whenever I have acne on my face, I just apply a pea size on it and it goes in a day or two. I just love it.

Miss white beauty active
This is a dark spot corrector. I just have to apply it on areas where I have dark spots and it fades away in days.

So these are my January beauty faves. What have you been loving this month?

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