How To Instantly Look Attractive

Did you know it is possible to look attractive in a few minutes with little effort? Yes, we’ve all heard people say that beauty is not everything and what matters is what’s on the inside, which is very well true. But still, it doesn’t hurt to look good, in fact, it even makes you feel better about yourself.

One sure way to look attractive is to take good care of your body. That is eating right, drinking more water and exercising your body. For women, if you want to look more attractive by exercising, you can do so by focusing on your tummy and your butt.

Butt exercises like squats will give your butt that perfect look and tummy exercises like sit-ups will help you to get a flat tummy. You can also wear a waist cincher belt when you are exercising to help speed up the process.

But these won’t instantly make you attractive. It takes time for that to happen (which is worth it by the way). So if you are looking for more effective ways to look attractive in a few minutes, then keep reading.

How to look attractive in a few minutes

1. Go for bold eyebrows

Bold eyebrows can instantly change the look of your face. So if you want to look attractive, fill in your eyebrows. Use the eyebrow pencil colour that best matches your natural hair. Dark brown pencil seems to work for most people.

2. Style your hair

You cant look attractive with messed up hair. So style your hair nicely. Tying your hair looks good but if you are aiming for looking more attractive, then let down your hair. You can use dry shampoo to give your hair some volume. Hair extensions can also add a lot more volume to your hair.

3. Wear the right size of clothes

One mistake people often make is wearing the wrong size of clothes thinking that will make them look good. Embrace your beautiful imperfect body. Wear the right size of clothes.

If you are plus size, don’t wear small clothes in hopes to look thinner. If you are slim, don’t wear clothes that are bigger than you to make you look bigger. Dress up in clothes in your right size and you will look attractive.

Wearing the right size of clothes will show off your figure. If you have a problem with showing off your figure because you have a big tummy, exercising daily will help lose belly fat.

But for an instant remedy, this high waist panty can take care of that. It will instantly make your belly look flat and give you that hourglass figure.

4. Whiten your teeth

Whitening your teeth is also one way to look attractive. You can do this yourself at home using some easy homemade tricks to whiten or teeth. You can also use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth in a few minutes.

5. Show some skin

If you want to look attractive, show some skin. This can be your arms. your legs or your cleavage. Showing off any of these is definitely going to make you attractive and catch some attention.

6. Wear heels

Wearing high heels can instantly transform any casual look to a glamorous one. Not only that, wearing heels make you look taller and a lot more attractive.

7. Wear red

Many studies have shown that red is the most attractive colour. So if you want to look attractive, simply wear red. This can be a red dress or red lipstick. So long as it is red, it will make you look attractive.

8. Good posture

The right posture can make a very big difference in your appearance. So stand tall, sit upright, stand upright as you walk and you will look great.

9. A confident smile

Yes, wearing the high waist panty from FeelinGirl and showing off some skin will definitely enhance your look. But the best way to instantly look attractive is to wear a confident smile.

10. Smell good

If you want to look attractive and be able to attract anyone at all, then how you smell is very important. There is nothing more repulsive than someone who smells awful. So you have to get a really good perfume with a nice smell.

You can even take things up a notch and get a pheromone spray too. Pheromone is a naturally occurring chemical that can be found in humans and animals. This chemical is secreted when animals are ready to mate. Research has also shown that in humans also, pheromones can attract the opposite sex.

So using a pheromone spray is definitely a great way to instantly be attractive. You can get a pheromone spray from

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