How To Bring Your Outfit To Life

Do you know that feeling when you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? This actually has roots in human psychology (doesn’t everything?), and it’s based on feeling excitement for something new. When you wear something over and over again, it loses its charm. You would think that a solution to this would be to simply buy new clothes, but you’ll just end up hoarding clothes that you’ll never wear again.

Actually, the trick is to see your clothes in a new light. You need to learn to mix things up a little, remove one thing, add another and the result will be as good as new. Remember, no amount of clothes and money you spend on them can replace style.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind if you need a little refreshment to your wardrobe. Learn them now, and they will last you forever.

How To Bring Your Outfit To Life

Narrow it down

It may seem that more clothes equal more outfit possibilities, but that is rarely so. If you have more clothes that you can count on, you won’t be able to keep them all in mind when you are picking an outfit. It will rather confuse you, because if you stick with one piece you want to wear, in your mind you’ll be matching it with twenty pairs of pants that you’re not sure about.

Do a big rearrangement of your closet and try to separate clothes that you actually wear, and stick to basics that you can easily pair with one statement piece. Also, get rid of anything that you haven’t wore for over two years and you’re sure you never will.

outfit inspiration

Find inspiration

It’s easier to imagine how to wear something when you see it on someone else. Go through some fashion blogs, browse through favourite women’s fashion picks and look out for clothes that you already have, but that are styled differently. Pick up a few tips and find inspiration for your next purchase. Just look for outfits that are actually wearable and right for your figure and your own style.

Master accessories

Master accessories

You can do a lot with accessories if you know how to properly wear them. You should have one statement piece, say a necklace, to wear with simple cuts and solid colors – an LBD or a blazer with pants. If you’re wearing prints, cut down with accessories. Rings can make a statement if you stack them; opt for trendy midi rings that you can layer on one finger.

A belt can be a very useful accessory if you use it to belt your oversized tops. Any bulky shirt, tunic or coat will get a new dimension if you belt it to fit your frame. For even more of a statement, belt your outerwear, coats, and even jackets. This will look super stylish if you leave them unbuttoned and belted around your waistline.

Change your footwear

Change your footwear


If you’re in your work clothes, and you have plans for a fancy dinner later, you don’t have to change your entire outfit, just change your shoes. If you’re in a mini skirt, hop into knee-high or tie-high leather boots. It will glam you up in seconds. If you’re in a shirt, undo a few buttons and roll up your sleeves. You can do this trick with any long sleeve top.

Also, you can cuff your jeans when you’re wearing strappy sandals or any kind of high heels; the effect will be surprisingly awesome. A cuff here and a knot there will make your outfit go from a corp style to casual laid back, ready to party.

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This is a guest post by Sophia Smith.
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