20 Beautiful Bob Braids You Will Love

Braiding your hair is a very great way to protect your natural hair. Whiles long braids are good options for the colder months, they can rather be uneasy in the hot months. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear protective hairstyles in the warm seasons.

You can go for short braids during such seasons. The short braids still work for the cold months too because they still protect your natural hair. These short hair braid styles are referred to as bob braids because they take the shape of the bob haircut.

For your bob braids, you can go for box braids, twists, cornrows, or whatever hair braid style you want. Below are some bob braids to inspire you.

Photo by puritymike
The Glossychic
Photo by ina90skindofworld
Photo by cornrowsgang
Photo by africanside

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