18 Stylish Cornrow Updo Hairstyles

Cornrow is one of the best protective hairstyles to do. There are so many different cornrow braid styles you can try and you can also style them in many ways.

Today, we are looking at one elegant and stylish way to style cornrows and that is updos.

Holding your cornrow in a bun or ponytail can be very stylish and we’ve got 18 photos here to make you see exactly what we are talking about.

Elegant cornrow updo hairstyles

Cornrows in a bun

Cornrows in bun are in fact very stunning and striking. This is a cornrow updo hairstyle may look sophisticated but it is actually very easy to do.

Have your cornrows braided as you would want them to. Whatever style you choose goes. Whether you want it braided asymmetrically or you want a cornrow style with visual geometric elements.

Once done, hold the hair together and twist it round and round to hold it in a bun. So easy yet elegant.

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cornrow updo
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cornrow updo
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cornrow updo
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cornrow updo
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Cornrow updo ponytail styles

Another cornrow updo style is the ponytail. For the ponytail look, you have to braid your cornrows in a circular row. So you braid the top part to the center and the bottom part is also braided up to the center. Once done, hold the braids together and tie one or two braids around it to hold the ponytail in place.

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Center bun, braids down

For this cornrow updo style, the hair is braided in two section. One section up and the other section down. So you hold the top section together in a beautiful bun and then you leave the bottom section down.

cornrow updo
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