50+ Lovely Pastel Nail Design Ideas

Bright colors are fun and loud and they make your nails stand out. But if you are looking for a subtle yet colorful way to wear your presson nails and acrylics, then go for a pastel nail design.

Pastel colors are just as beautiful and colorful as the bright ones, but they are rather pale and hence not loud like the bright colors. There is a pastel shade for every color, so whatever color you want, you can get.

Usually when you see pastels, it brings about memories of Easter and springtime but these beauties can be worn all year round because they work for every season.

What are some nail designs you can do for pastel nails?

Pastel nails are so versatile, so you can do a lot of different designs with these nails. This includes; ombre nails, french nails, shell nails, agate nails, and whatever nail design you might like. You can also wear your pastel nails plain without any design on them. These beauties are beautiful on their own.

Also, you can try to spice up the nails by adding some nail accessories. These include nail studs, rhinestones and gemstones. You can also add some foil flakes or nail stickers if you want. Really, when it comes to pastel nails, the design choices are a lot.

What are the best pastel nail colors?

Well, when it comes to pastel nail polish colors, they are all very beautiful, and really any color you pick will make your nails look stunning. But some shades I’ll recommend which are my personal favorites include soft lilac, sage green, mint, Sally Hansen’s mum’s the word nail polish which is a pastel yellow nail polish, and cotton candy. If you want to try a pastel nail design with different colors then this 6 pack gel nail polish set is what you need.

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