50+ Glam Nail Designs For Prom 2020

Are you looking for the perfect nail design for your prom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve shared some gorgeous nail designs perfect for prom below.

Now, most people take into account their prom dress when deciding the nail colour to choose for prom. So whatever your outfit is, we are sure you will find something here that will complement it.

prom nails

This design combines a lot of different things to make the perfect nails. The thumbs and pinky are stiletto nails and the three nails in the middle are coffin nails, yet they all work together to create beautiful nail art. Using green and nude nail polish with some nail glitter and rhinestone to decorate and make them stand out.

This is an elegant glitter nail design. To achieve this look, you can either use a glitter nail polish straight away or use the glitter nail polish as a topcoat.

prom nails

Ombre nail designs are so in right now. Try this white and pink ombre nails with some nail crystals and white round flower nail art.

This nail art uses different colours to mark the shape of the design. The pink colour takes a stiletto shape and the white around it gives it a coffin nail shape. It is actually a coffin nail but the design makes it appear like a stiletto.

Another white and pink ombre nail design, except this one has the pinky nail coated with pink glitter nail polish.

prom nails

This nail design has two completely different nail polish on both sides. But they work together and they are just gorgeous. Depending on the style of your prom dress, this nail art can be the perfect match.

You can also go for clear false nails and use some clear glitter polish on it like this one. And to give it some pop of colour, add some colourful nail stickers.

Beautiful pink nail design with glitter, perfect for short nails.

prom nails

I like the way, the nude and lavender nail polish blend together to give these nails beautiful design. Then decorate it with some rhinestones shape like a hot air balloon.

If you love plaid, then you can try this gorgeous red nail art with plaid.

Blue and nude come together here to give these beautiful nails a stunning design embellished with some nail studs.

There are so many different colours you can blend together for the perfect ombre design. Try this baby blue shade with a nude polish. Add some rhinestones to make them stand out.

prom nails

A combination of ombre and glitter nail polish with marble design.

The first thing that came in mind when I saw this nail design was the cow. lol Okay, so this nail art uses black and white and pink with glitter and crystals.

Another sparkling nail design with glitter nail polish.

prom nails

Gorgeous ombre nail design with different colours and some nail crystals and rhinestones.

Beautiful lavender nail design with some cute and sparkly nail stickers.

Simple nail design with beautiful hearts. You can choose to adorn each nail with a heart design to make them all pop.

prom nails

Gorgeous ombre nail design embellished with some crystals and glitter polish painted halfway.

prom nails

Love stripes? Then show that with your nails. Go for this striped nail design. Even the glitter polish has stripes.

Cute almond nail design with beautiful round flower arts.

prom nails

Pink and lavender ombre nails with dry flowers and rhinestones.

prom nails

Beautiful and sparkly rose gold nail design. To achieve this look, paint the nails with nude nail polish and coat them with burgundy and pink glitter polish.

Gorgeous red ombre nails, using different shades of red and a plain glitter polish as a topcoat. If you are going to prom with your high school sweetheart then this nail design is the perfect design.

Beautiful orchid pink nails with some sparkly nail studs and stickers.

I love this brown and white ombre nail duo. So simple yet elegant.

Simple white nail design with a silver glitter polish. Looks so beautiful on short nails and would definitely work for long nails too.

This is like the brown and white ombre nail design shown earlier with a lot more embellishments. Using round flowers and rhinestones with, of course, some glitter polish.

prom nails

Almond-shaped nail with a simple matte orange colour.

ELegant nail design with plain false nails and some colourful butterfly stickers.

prom nails

Ever tried ombre with tree colours? Then go for this ombre nail design with 3 different shades. And adorn your nails with some nail studs and rhinestones.

Beautiful coffee brown nail design with even darker brown tips.

prom nails

Simple pink nails but the blue butterfly designs make it so beautiful. The blue and pink although completely different shades create a beautiful contrast.

prom nails

If you don’t want your nails to be the focal point, then simply go for this plain white nail design.

Beautiful aqua and pink ombre nail design. Would match almost any outfit you wear for prom.

Isn’t it amazing how with ombre nails, different colours can be used to create a harmonious nail design? Try this blue and white ombre nail design with some beautiful nail stickers to adorn it.

prom nails

Going for dark nails? Then why not make it more lively with some glitter topcoat and a white water marble design?

prom nails

Ever tried the side ombre? Try this purple side ombre design. With a marble design that also has the ombre effect.

Another design if you want a simple nail design.

Wearing blue for prom? Then go for this beautiful blue nail design. Simple yet gorgeous.

Pink and white ombre nails with red and blue nail crystals and some glitter polish.

prom nails

Gorgeous baby pink nails with blue glitter polish for an ombre effect.

Want a gorgeous nail design, not too simple and not over the top< Then this beautiful marble nail design is the one you are looking for.

Another white nail design, just not as boring. This one has some glitter and crystals.

Okay, so the pink and white ombre nails seem to be the popular one. But that is because it will match almost every outfit you were. The colours are subtle with beautiful designs.

Nude and ombre nail design with some beautiful studs in a straight line.

Beautiful brown and white nails with red dried flowers stickers and rhinestones.

prom nails

Gorgeous baby pink nails with red dry flower designs on it to make it pop.

prom nails

Another beautiful ombre nail design with 3 different colours.

prom nails

Brown and green ombre nails, decorated with lots of rhinestones.

Simple pastel blue nail polish adorned with some nail crystals.

Ombre nails with different colour pop for each nail.

prom nails

Cat lover? then this kitty nail design is for you. It will feel like your little furry friend is close by at prom.

Simple almond nail design.

Brown and white nail colours with blue rhinestones. Contrasting colours, but they look gorgeous together.


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