5 Homemade Face Masks For A Smooth And Flawless Face

Having a smooth and flawless face is one great desire of most ladies across the globe. So it raises a lot of question when we see someone with that kind of smooth and flawless skin. So if your desire is to get a smooth and flawless face, then this content is for you.

The good news is having a smooth face is very achievable. There are so many different products available on the market that are purposely for flawless face. These include; cleansers, toners, face masks and even light therapy masks.

Light therapy masks are becoming a popular choice for most people lately and it can be used alongside your other face products to help you achieve the smooth and flawless face you desire. The device works by utilizing various wavelengths to penetrate the skin and activate cell rejuvenation”.

Another best way to rejuvenate your face is to exfoliate regularly and that is once or twice a week using face masks and face scrubs.

These face masks can be made in the house without having to purchase one from the shop. In today’s article I am going to share with you 5 great homemade face masks you can try at home for a smooth and flawless face. 

5 easy homemade face masks recipes

1. Coconut and Honey mask

Both coconut oil and honey are very essential when it comes to caring for the skin as well as the hair. This face mask is one of the common homemade face mask you can try at home.

This face mask helps soften the face and eliminate dryness on the face. It helps restores that essential oil needed by the face. It serves as a cleanser which takes out impurities from the face especially pimples and other things which affects the beauty of the face. 


  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil


Mix the coconut oil and honey in a small bowl. Once it is completely mixed, smear it all over your face and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, wipe your face with a wash cloth or wash your face with water and face wash gel.

2. Raw Rice Water Mask

This mask may sound funny but works like magic. It is one of quickest face mask you can ever use. This face mask can be used when you are in desperate need to have a smooth face.


  • 1 cup rice
  • 2 cups water


Pour the rice into a bowl and add the water. After that stir it and leave it for about 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes is up, stir it again and drain the water from the rice.

Use the water drained from the raw rice as a cleanser everyday and within a week you will start to achieve the desired result. This mask may work for almost every face.

3. Avocado And Coconut Oil Mask

This mask do not only make the face smooth but also soften and restores the complexion of the face. It takes away any facial infection from the face and restores the facial oil.


  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1 tbsp. Coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. Honey


Scoop out half of the avocado and mash it in a bowl with a fork. Add in the honey and mix them. Add the coconut oil and mix them smoothly.

When you are done, you can smear it on your face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Once the time is up, you can wipe it with a wet wash cloth.

4. Aloe Vera Gel Mask

Aloe Vera Gel mask is one of the finest masks. You can either buy the Aloe Vera from the shop or get it from your garden if you have. It is easy to apply. This can be done by cutting open the Aloe and apply the gel within the aloe on the face.

5. Egg Mask

Egg mask is one of the oldest mask when it comes to having smooth and flawless face.It can easily be accessed. It helps soften, smoothen and brighten the facial complexion.


Crack open the eggs and separate the yolk from the white. Discard the yolk and only whisk the white until it is frothy. Apply onto your face and leave it on for like 10 minutes. After that you can wash it off with warm water and a face wash gel.


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