For a lot of people, time is measured by how long they have to wait until it’s time to go their favorite festival again. And every year it’s an adventure and an opportunity to make new memories. But, like it often happens with being wild and spontaneous, it’s usually smart to plan it ahead.

Take your time and be meticulous with planning and packing for your next festival related trip and you’ll be thanking yourself later, when you have everything necessary to keep you warm and dry, while others don’t.

Here’re a few tips on how to do it.

The right bags

Before you start packing have in mind that you will have to do a lot of moving around, probably in a hurry. Taking that into consideration, suitcases – no matter how durable – aren’t the best option. You’ll probably do best with a couple of backpacks. And this time ”backpacks” means just that – ordinary backpacks. Those fancy ones that come with a battery and cables on which you can charge your devices are pretty cool, but they shouldn’t get wet (or stolen for that matter) so stick to the ordinary ones. The most important question is – is it better to have one large backpack or a couple of smaller ones? This decision is completely up to you.


Because festivals are usually held during summer, you might be tempted to put on any summer footwear you have at hand. That is definitely a mistake. The same goes for wearing high heels. The festivals include a lot of walking around from stage to stage and there’s a pretty good chance someone will step on your feet dozens of times. And let’s not even go into how gross toilets can be. The best thing to do is go with something more sturdy and reliable like skate or Converse shoes.

Little things

No matter how big your bag is, there is going to be a lot of stuff to carry around and to be able to get at moment’s notice. Think about getting one of those eco-friendly printed non woven bags to carry small things like water bottles and wallets around. These are usually sold on the festivals and come with a logo or a motto, so afterword you can use them as a fashion statement. Also, make sure that you don’t carry all of your money in just one wallet.

Don’t overdress

Some may try to sell you “on festival” looks, but don’t buy it. It’s not a place to show off your wardrobe, at least not the good parts of it unless you want your most expensive clothes to be wet and covered in mud. Choose your clothes based on how practical they are – how many layers can you put on at once if the weather changes and are you ready to see it torn and destroyed. You can’t go wrong with jeans and plaid shirts.

Get a raincoat

It might seem like you’re basically asking for rain, but pack one anyway. They’re easy to fold so you can put them in any bag without having to worry about extra weight and less free space. When you pick one just remember that you’re going to wear it over all your other clothes, so make sure it’s a bit wider and comfortable. Even if it doesn’t rain, you can still take it out and have something clean and dry to sit on.

Prepare for the trip itself

Besides the obvious things like sunglasses tickets, maps and GPS units, you should pack a couple of things for the trip itself. Have a charger so you can charge all your devices. Get some snacks and a bottle of water. Also bring some entertainment, like CDs or audio books. This is especially important if you’re driving and want to make sure you stay awake. When you get there, send yourself a text with a parking lot number, because you will probably forget about it soon.

Preparation is everything. The key to having the best time possible is to think about all the things that might go wrong beforehand and be prepared for them in advance. In the end if something doesn’t go according to plan and you forget something – think about it as a lesson for the next year.

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