So I received this cracking nail polish as a gift and I just love the effect. It shrinks as it dries giving it a cracking effect. So as it shrinks it appears as cracks revealing the base layer. It is just so beautiful and the secret to getting the cracking effect is to give it a light coat. Apply it just once because going over it will ruin the cracking effect.

As you can see from the back of the box, this nail polish comes in  many different colours just like regular nail polish. It has 12 different colours. This 3 pieces set contains a base layer which is a regular white nail polish , a cracking nail polish (colour 10) and a clear nail polish to give it shine.

Any regular nail polish can be used as the base layer. The base layer should not be a cracking nail polish. Just a regular nail polish.
You can use any colour as your base layer, it just has be a different shade from the cracking nail polish so that the cracking effect will be visible. So any two colours that contrast will do.

 How to apply cracking nail polish

The steps involved in applying cracking nail polish is very simple.

  1. Remove any existing nail polish: It is important to remove whatever nail polish you have on before applying the cracking nail polish. So remove old nail polish with a nail polish remover.
  2. Apply a base coat with a regular nail polish: Apply your base coat. This can be done with any regular nail polish. Wait for it to dry completely.
  3. Apply your cracking nail polish: Just one quick smooth application. You dont need to go over it to make it thick. That will only ruin the cracking effect. The thing about HD magic cracked nail polish is that it dries very quickly and the cracking effect begins immediately after drying.
  4. Apply a top coat: Make sure the cracking nail polish is completely dry and the cracking effect has been achieved before applying your clear coat. The clear coat gives it shine and helps the nail polish to last longer without chipping or flaking.
Have you tried any cracking nail polish? Share your thoughts.

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