A Guide To Using Ponytail Extensions

One of Ariana Grande’s best-known traits is her high ponytail. Having short or thin hair can pose a beauty challenge for any woman, let alone trying to achieve a ponytail. Fortunately, a ponytail extension makes these issues no longer a concern. They allow you to flaunt fuller, bouncy, and luscious locks without the need to tug and tease your natural hair.

This article will discuss how to use ponytail hair extensions and their benefits.

woman in a ponytail

What are ponytail extensions?

Ponytail hair extensions add instant thickness and length to a regular ponytail. They give volume to your hair and can be styled in a high, low, or braided ponytail or even a bun. The extensions are an excellent alternative to washing your hair or styling it when you’re pressed for time. They come in various textures and colors and can be customized as per the customer’s requirements.

How to wear high ponytail extensions?

  1. Firstly, brush your hair to detangle it and then secure it in a high ponytail with the help of a hair tie at the crown of your head. Place the natural ponytail a little higher than the extension, as it will weigh them down.
  1. Make sure you brush your ponytail extension before attaching it to your hair. Smooth it out with a hairbrush, a wide-tooth comb, or a shampoo comb to avoid damage.
  1. You can secure the extension seamlessly by sliding the comb part underneath a hair tie. Make sure it is closest to the crown of your ponytail. Wrap your ponytail with the velcro base, ensuring it is tightly overlapping and secure. When you secure your extension, don’t pull it and brush it, as it could ruin the appearance of your ponytail.
  1. Camouflaging the base where your hair meets the extension is essential for adding ponytail extensions. Please ensure the ponytail is tightly wrapped with a hair strand from the extension with its end under your hairstyle and secure it with bobby pins..
  1. By moving your head side to side, check to ensure the ponytail is secure. To add definition to your sleek or tousled pony, spritz a heat protectant before using a curling iron or flat iron on low or medium heat.

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Benefits of ponytail extensions

Ponytail hairstyles cannot be achieved with other types of hair extensions. When you pull them up into a ponytail, you have to make sure that they look natural while maintaining their position. Below you will find various benefits of using ponytail hair extensions:

Enhances your look

If you have thin, brittle, or lifeless hair, ponytail hair extensions can give you instantly thicker and longer ponytails without much hassle.


Due to the fashion-specific nature of ponytail hair extensions, they provide greater comfort than other extensions. You can wear them all day long with little discomfort.


Have you ever tried making a braided ponytail only to have your layers peek out or putting your hair in a bun just to make it look more lifeless? The versatility of clip-in ponytail extensions allows for high ponytails, braided ponytails, low ponytails, and voluminous buns.


Hopefully, now you know how ponytail hair extensions can give you that Ariana Grande kind of height. Well, if you want to style it in something else, these extensions make it possible. Make sure you buy them from trusted sellers, as they will provide you with high-quality hair that will last more than average.


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