28 Lovely Ballerina Nails For All Occasions

Ballerina’s nails are essentially the stiletto nail, but with a square rather than a pointy tip. These nails are called ballerina nails because their shape resembles the shape of ballerina shoes.

Most of them are usually square in structure. With these types of nails and colors, you can rock them with any kind of dress and can also match every location as well.

There are so many nail design ideas you can do with ballerina nails and we have over 20 photos here to prove that. Just like the other nail shapes, you can accessorize your ballerina nails with rhinestones and nail foils to make them even more glamorous.

You can choose pink nails when going for occasions like weddings, naming ceremonies and many more and with the green ones too.

With the multicolored ones, you can use them for special occasions like going for your first date, going for night dinner, and many more.

Ballerina nails designs for 2022

Ballerina nails designs for 2022
Photo by mermaid_nails_by_hanna
Photo by tiziana.xo.nailartist
Ballerina nails designs for 2022
Photo by kellynailart_yeg
Photo by kessyjones.nails_beauty
Ballerina nails designs for 2022
Photo by tiziana.xo.nailartist
Photo by crystal_nails_official
Ballerina nails designs for 2022
Photo by edenra87
Ballerina nails designs for 2022
Photo by ednails_
Photo by kessyjone.nails_beauty
Photo by nailedbyshawnakay
Photo by topnailbar
Photo by babicnails
Photo by esmalteriaa_deluxo
Photo by creationsbyc
Photo by _nails_split_
Photo by alinannails
Photo by yarm.nails
Photo by beautystopnailsgina
Photo by belissima_nails_
Photo by edensantacatalina
Photo by luxury_nailsgdl
Photo by sashbeautystudio
Photo by renatasantos_atelie
Photo by kayamoynailedit
Photo by sabrinalopesnails
Photo by adriana_kosmetikk_aesthetics
Photo by flawlessbeauty82
Photo by nayammaramontenegronails

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