Brazilian virgin hair is mostly preferred by a lot of people mainly due to its great appearance. Styling this hair extensions is unquestionably done easily due to the important fact that it’s quite natural hair. Meaning that you could easily wash it, straighten it or blow dry it. All without risking any type of damage as it is with synthetic extensions.

To make it easier to style your hair, you can certainly begin by simply dampening your hair with just water and then applying your chosen styling product before blow drying it or styling it as you desire.

When styling hair extension, you have to pay close attention to the shape of your face. This is due to the fact that different styles work for different faces. And you want to look great regardless of whether you have opted for straight or curly Brazilian hair.

face type


Oblong face

Also known as the oval face, it is regarded as the perfect shape for the face because of the jaw line, cheekbones as well as the brows. If you’re fortunate to have this particular face, it is certainly a good idea to put on Brazilian extensions. This will certainly enhance your appearance. And you’ll be capable of selecting any length you desire and still look wonderful.

blonde hair

Round face

Such face generally reflects cheek fullness that gives your face that roundness. So you must maintain pulling hair completely back. Instead of back style or bangs, you can choose soft graduating layers like a simple approach to making the face look slimmer. This will take bulk off the cheek, to give the illusion of a slimmer cheek.

Square face

This particular face is characterized with a broad face, wide chin and cheekbones. So, whenever you style your hair for such face, you need to avoid styles that have a tendency to then add widths around your jawline. Brazilian hair vendors can help you choose the best hairstyles for your face type.

Heart face

This particular face is has narrow jawline and wider brow line, wider cheekbones as well as wider eye line. You’ll be able to find the finest extensions which are at medium lengths for that perfect appearance.

Pear face

Such face is definitely not so common. But has a wide jawline and chin as well as. But narrows in at the forehead and the hairline area.

Diamond face

Individuals who have diamond face, have wider cheeks but their forehead and chin are narrow. So their cheekbones are the widest part of their face. The key to styling such type of face, is hiding the width of the cheekbones. You can also do this with bangs or fringe.

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