What To Pack For A Family Vacation To Disneyworld

For many families, a trip to Disneyworld Florida is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it can take months, if not years of hard work and preparation to make this dream vacation a reality. But once you’ve booked your trip, what do you actually need to take with you?

Fun times with family are priceless. They are times that can bring out the true happiness in our hearts. Sharing good times in the company of the people we truly care about is what good memories are made of. If you are looking to create a memorable family vacation then look for things to do at dvc’s Hilton Head Resort. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland then enhance your experience by choosing the right place for you and your family to stay and enjoy the full Disney experience.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing what you need to pack for your Disneyworld vacation so that you can make the most out of your time away and focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.

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8 things to pack for a family vacation to Disneyworld

Appropriate Footwear

It goes without saying that, at Disney, you’ll be doing a lot of moving. From standing around queuing for rides to rushing after your kids’ favorite characters for that elusive autograph, you can guarantee that you’ll be on your feet for most of the day.

Making sure that everyone is wearing the right footwear is therefore a must-do, and one of the most important things to add to your packing list is a pair of comfortable sneakers. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on your style either – there are some great Platform Converse shoes that you can dress up or down while you’re on vacation.

Water Bottles

In most of the Disneyworld parks, you’ll be able to find a multitude of free water refilling stations, so all you need to bring is a sturdy reusable water bottle for yourself and each of your family members.

Packing bottles in advance also saves you from paying Disneyworld prices once you’re on-site, too. There are a number of other items that are included in park entry, such as bug repellent, so keep an eye out for the items that you can pick up for free.


Whether the sun is shining, or the day is looking a little overcast, sunscreen is a must for every day of your trip. Spending hours outside, even when it’s cloudy, means your kids will be at risk of sunburn if you don’t take some extra steps to protect them. Packing and applying sunscreen throughout the duration of your trip means you’ll be able to enjoy your entire vacation without any unexpected trips for after-sun lotion.


Like sunscreen, sunglasses are a must-have when you’re exploring Disneyworld, as it’s likely that you’ll face some serious rays as you go adventuring around the parks. Remember to pack shades for the whole family, and you’ll have happy kids who are keen to explore despite the heat. If you find that they aren’t that keen to wear their sunglasses, why not look for some character-themed shades while you’re exploring across the parks?

Portable Phone Power Banks

Long gone are the days when you’d visit Disney with a Polaroid camera in hand. Nowadays, your phone is likely your go-to when it comes to taking pictures.

However, a trip to Disneyworld will mean long hours, and your phone battery will probably need some extra juice to keep it going throughout the day. Don’t miss a thing with a portable power bank that you can keep in your backpack, ready to recharge your devices when you need it most.

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Waterproof Macs

When you think of your upcoming Disneyworld Florida vacation, you are likely to think of the hot Florida sun, but it probably rains in the state more than you’d expect. Packing lightweight, waterproof macs are a great way to prepare for the odd burst of rain that would otherwise leave you exploring the parks a little damp.


While toiletries aren’t specifically a necessity for your days in the Disneyworld parks, it’s important to remember certain items when you’re packing your cases, and occasionally your day bag. Hair care products and toothpaste will most frequently be used while you’re staying in the hotel, but some items like sanitary products and ChapStick might come in handy throughout the day.


Depending on which parks you want to visit, swimwear might not be as important to you as some other clothing items as you pack your cases for Disneyworld. If you’re visiting the water parks, however, then swimwear is non-negotiable.

Where possible, you should try to pack more than one swimsuit for each family member, especially if you’re planning to do multiple days at the water parks – there’s nothing worse than having to do laundry while on vacation!


Finally, remember that throughout your vacation, you’ll need your documents. While traveling, this might include your passport and flight tickets, but when you get to the parks, you’re also going to need to have your park tickets to hand. It’s best to book these well in advance for the dates that you’re planning to visit; you can visit the Disneyworld website to find out more information on which tickets you need to access each site.

Ultimately, the items you pack for your dream Disneyland visit will depend on the parks that you’ll be visiting and the needs of your family, but by following this guide you can ensure that you’ve packed all of the essentials. All you need to do now is enjoy your adventure!

What To Pack For A Family Vacation To Disneyworld


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