My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

Today’s post is all about my current makeup routine. As someone who prefers a more natural look on a day-to-day basis, I tend to keep my makeup light and simple. However, when there’s a special occasion or event, I don’t shy away from applying a bit more for that extra glam. So, if you are looking for a simple makeup look to do everyday, then this is for you.

Simple every day makeup look

Simple every day makeup look


To begin my routine, I always start by priming my face with my trusty LA Girl primer. This step ensures a smooth base for my makeup to adhere to and helps prolong its longevity throughout the day. With a well-primed canvas, I then focus on shaping and defining my eyebrows using a dark brown pencil. Perfectly groomed brows add structure to my face and complete the overall look.


Next, I reach for my go-to Maybelline fit me matte poreless foundation, which I absolutely adore. This particular foundation sets to a matte finish, making it perfect for my oily skin type. The matte formula helps control excess shine and oil throughout the day, allowing my makeup to stay in place for longer. The best part is that although it’s matte, it doesn’t dry too quickly, giving me additional time to blend it seamlessly into my skin.


To tackle any blemishes or dark spots, I rely on my trusted concealer. It works wonders in providing coverage, brightening my under-eye area, and reducing the appearance of any imperfections. A few strategic dabs and gentle blending effortlessly give me a flawless complexion.

Compact powder

Lastly, to lock everything in and set my makeup, I finish off with my classic compact powder. This step ensures that my foundation and concealer stay in place, giving me a long-lasting finish. The powder also helps control any excess oil and minimizes shine, granting me a natural, yet polished look throughout the day.

My Current Everyday Makeup Routine


Moving on to eyes, I reach for my favorite mascara to instantly open up and define my lashes. A few coats of mascara effortlessly make my eyes pop, making them appear awake and bright. This step is crucial for me as it adds a touch of femininity to my overall look.


Finally, I top off my makeup by lining my lips and swiping on my chosen lipstick shade. Most days, I gravitate towards pink hues or a subtle nude tone, as they complement my natural look beautifully. A subtle lip color puts the finishing touches on my makeup routine, adding a touch of color and completing my everyday look.

And there you have it – my current daily makeup routine. By focusing on a more natural look and using products that suit my individual needs, I’m able to enhance my features while still feeling like the best version of myself. Remember, makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, so find products that work for you and embrace your unique style.

Why go for a simple natural makeup look for everyday makeup

Why go for a simple natural makeup look for everyday makeup

In a society that often promotes flawless and heavily glamorized makeup looks, it’s refreshing to acknowledge the beauty of simplicity and the appeal of a natural everyday makeup look. The world has recently witnessed a shift towards celebrating individuality and embracing one’s natural features.

Opting for a simple natural look not only saves time and effort but also highlights one’s inherent beauty. Let’s explore the reasons why you should consider going for a simple natural look for your everyday makeup routine.

Enhancing Your Natural Features

The primary goal of a simple natural look is to enhance your existing beauty and not overshadow it. By using a minimal amount of makeup, you can accentuate your best features without altering your appearance drastically. This approach allows your true self to shine through, giving you confidence in your own skin.

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Time-Saving and Convenient

Time is a precious commodity, by adopting a simple natural look for your everyday makeup routine, you can speed up your morning preparations without sacrificing your appearance. Opting for natural tones and light makeup application ensures that you don’t spend hours in front of a mirror, giving you extra time for other activities and self-care.

Maintaining Skin Health

While makeup can undoubtedly enhance our features, it’s crucial to recognize that prolonged use of heavy makeup can negatively impact our skin health. A simple natural look relies on lightweight products that allow your skin to breathe. This not only minimizes the risk of clogged pores and breakouts but also promotes healthier, more radiant skin in the long run.

Versatility and Adaptability

The beauty of a simple natural look lies in its versatility. It suits various occasions, from casual outings to formal events, making it a go-to option for any situation. Moreover, this look readily complements any outfit, allowing you to focus on expressing your personal style rather than coordinating your makeup.

Embracing Authenticity

In an era that celebrates individuality and self-acceptance, a simple natural look is an empowering choice. By emphasizing your natural features, you promote a message of authenticity, self-love, and confidence. This minimalistic approach emphasizes the belief that your inner beauty should be celebrated and appreciated.

While experimenting with bold and glamorous makeup looks can be fun and exciting on special occasions, the charm of simplicity cannot be denied when it comes to everyday makeup. Embracing a simple natural look allows you to embrace your unique features, save time, maintain your skin’s health, and embody authenticity.

Remember, the most beautiful version of yourself is the one that radiates self-assurance and embraces your true essence. So, let your natural beauty shine through, and enjoy the simplicity and grace of a natural everyday makeup look.


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