Do you ever wonder just how it is possible that celebrities always look so perfect in their photos? Even paparazzi have to lurk for hours in hopes of taking that one not-so-flattering photo since celebs always look so good. How do they do that? Number one: they have a team of experts whose job is to style and prep them every time they step out of the house. Number two: they have picked up a few useful tricks to always look good on photos, and the right clothes are at the very top of that list.

When in Doubt – Wear Black

Regardless of the occasion, black clothes will make you look stylish beyond measure. Men in tuxedoes and black suits, or jeans paired with black shirts, and girls in their eponymous little black dress – trends which never go out of style. Not only is black an elegant colour, but it also looks amazing in photographs. It slims you down and accentuates the colour of your skin.


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