Invisalign Cost In London: Is It Worth It?

Many people might wonder about Invisalign cost in London, and whether it is worth going ahead with the treatment.  This is an explanation of what it is and what it involves, and a discussion of the benefits that can be enjoyed by the patient both during and after getting the teeth straightened in this manner.

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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name for one of the most popular forms of orthodontic treatment available today.  People also refer to it as invisible or clear braces.  They are composed of trays that are known as aligners.

These trays are completely transparent and are worn as a covering over the teeth that helps to gently move them into a better position over time.  The trays are swapped out every few weeks to allow treatment to progress.  Once the period has been completed, the patient is usually advised to wear a retainer at night in order to help the teeth to remain in the optimum position.

Features that make invisalign worth it


The invisible nature of these braces is often one of the main reasons that people choose to have their teeth straightened in this way.  They are keen to have the smile they have always wanted, but they do not necessarily want the whole world to know that they are wearing braces.  They are completely clear, and the patient can get on with life safe in the knowledge that no one else is aware of their presence.


Many people cite the comfortable nature of these braces as one of their great benefits.  They are crafted to fit the individual teeth of each patient. Their made-to-measure nature means that they fit perfectly, and this makes them extremely comfortable to wear.  Clear braces are a gentle way to get the most desirable smile and are often considered a very relaxed treatment option.

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Eat as normal

For the person who loves their food, braces can be a bit of a daunting prospect.  Traditional ones that use fixed wires and brackets usually involve some restriction on the kinds of foods that can be eaten, and those restrictions last for the duration of treatment.

Invisalign patients do not need to worry about restricting their diet in any way.  This is because the aligners are removed for mealtimes.  They simply take them out to eat, then brush their teeth and give the trays a clean before putting them back in after finishing the meal. 

This means that the patient can eat whatever they like without any fear of damaging their braces or changing the appearance of their teeth.


Treatment with invisible braces is usually much quicker than it is with fixed braces.  Fixed braces sometimes have to be worn for a few years, whereas many people who opt for clear ones find that they have straight teeth in a matter of months.

Better oral health

It is easy to keep the teeth and gums clean during treatment because of the removable nature of clear aligners.  After the patient has finished with the braces, maintaining good oral health is much simpler.  This is because straight teeth are considerably easier to keep clean.

Invisalign Cost In London: Is It Worth It?



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