7 Fruits You Can Have With Your Coffee

A lot of people love to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning because it refreshes them and keeps them energized throughout the day. This is due to the caffeine in the coffee. Whiles taking natural caffeine can get the job done, there’s nothing like the sweet scent of coffee, first thing in the morning.

If coffee is your favorite drink and fruits are a must-have, you can now enjoy both at once. It seems like a strange pairing at first, but fruit and coffee are delicious and something for all coffee lovers to try out. Also, it works when you are on a diet as there are fruits you can eat on keto.

Plus, many coffees have fruity notes in the beans, and flavored coffees are fruit-toned. Therefore, depending on what you have for breakfast with your coffee every morning. Below are some fruits you can add to your coffee that go with coffee better than others. 

Fruits to take with coffee



Figs are full of nutrients. Plus, you can enjoy them both dry and fresh. To compliment bitter coffee, have a fig dessert, but you can boost the flavor up a notch with fresh figs in tiramisu.

For your afternoon cup of coffee, you can enjoy fresh figs. Try an Americano or latte rather than a cappuccino or espresso. In this way, the drink does not overpower the creamy flavor the fig fruits have to offer. 

blackberries and blueberries

Blackberries and blueberries 

The plump blackberries are delicious and sweet enough to compliment coffee’s flavor. You can incorporate them into your coffee in pie form or eat them raw as sip your brew. Blueberries like blackberries are also best both baked and raw.

To gain some pretty intense antioxidants for your body, have a blueberry muffin or handful of fresh berries with your cup of joe. Have these berries alternatively and gain the benefits they have to offer.



Dates pair perfectly with the bitter taste of coffee. For instance, if you wish to reduce your sugar intake. And opt for whole foods instead. Dates are a good alternative. They provide natural sugars that are better for your body to table sugar. And they are super nutritious. You can have the dates on their own or baked in date squares. 



For strawberries, people can either love them or hate them as a pairing with coffee. For this reason, it is best to experiment with this combo to choose whether you like it or not. Make strawberries and cream iced coffee instead of using hot coffee, as most people tend to prefer.

Also, you can opt to add strawberry syrup to your favorite coffee, and you can top it with either whipped coconut cream with fresh berry slices as a garnish or strawberry ice cream. 


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One way to counterbalance coffees bitterness is with bananas sweetness. Add sliced banana to your oatmeal in the morning, or having banana bread with your favorite cup of espresso is a great way to enjoy these two. For a third option, try an iced mocha smoothie with cacao powder, coffee, banana, and a syrup of your choice. 



Feel like you are in a tropical paradise with an orange-infused coffee as it is an ideal pick-me-up drink. It is simple to make orange-infused coffee. Brew some coffee as you would for your morning cup. Slice an orange and squeeze the wedge pieces into your freshly brewed pot of coffee. If you need extra orange flavor, add an orange wedge slice to your cup and enjoy. Try this with lemons too.



If you love bold flavors and feel adventurous, try some lychees with your next cup of coffee. Fresh, they are juicy and refreshing, so they are paired well with medium roast coffee. Optionally, you can enjoy unsweetened coffee if you are eating your lychees canned in syrup. In this way, you are sure not to get into a sugar coma with each mouthful. 

In conclusion, the above fruits go well with coffee as long as you know how to pair the best. Fruits that are too acidic, like pineapple and kiwi, are not the best to have with your coffee.

Coffee is acidic, and adding a tart or sour taste may upset your stomach. Have these pairing alternatively and enjoy a new flavor and taste with your coffee. Experiment with other fruits as well, and you can find one you like that is not on this list. 

7 Fruits You Can Have with Your Coffee

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