Veneers In London For Teeth Staining

If you would like to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile then you need to speak to a world-class dental surgeon that specialises in cosmetic dentistry and dental veneers London.

There are many different factors that may affect the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Almost half the population of Britons are unhappy with the look of their smile and of these people, almost 70% reported that this is due to the colour of their teeth or teeth staining.

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Teeth staining is a commonly faced problem that occurs as a result of a number of different reasons. The most common cause of teeth staining is poor oral hygiene and avoiding the dentist.

Without good brushing and flossing technique, food particles and bacteria linger in your mouth and result in the buildup of plaque and tartar. This can give your teeth a yellow appearance.

Regular visits with your dentist can remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and restore their natural white and shine.

Certain food and drinks can affect the colour of your teeth, including red wine, tea, coffee and cola. Smoking, chewing tobacco and drugs can also cause teeth staining. Other causes of discoloured teeth include genetics, age, illness and injury. A lot of these stains can be removed by teeth whitening procedures at the dentist.

However, there are some stains that cannot be removed by teeth whitening. Stubborn stains that have remained on the surface of your teeth for a long period of time or intrinsic stains which affect the dentin of your teeth cannot be removed by teeth whitening procedures.

You need to speak to your dentist to find out about veneers for disguising stains on the surface of your teeth. Veneers can also mask a range of other imperfections including cracks on the surface of your teeth, chips on your teeth and broken teeth as a result of accidents and injury.

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Veneers for a beautiful smile

The last few decades have seen a surge in the popularity of dental veneers in London. Much research and development have been carried out on veneers and they are now stronger, more durable and aesthetically-pleasing than ever before.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are individually designed and manufactured to fit each tooth precisely and accurately for comfort and a natural appearance. Veneers have been designed to maintain your dental health and do not have any detrimental impact on your gums or mouth.

Veneers can help correct the shape, size, colour and alignment of each tooth to help you achieve a beautiful, neatly aligned smile. You may only need one veneer to correct your smile or you may choose to have a full set of veneers to transform your smile completely.

Speak to your world-class dentist who will design a unique smile for you according to your dental requirements and your personal expectations from the treatment procedure.

With advances in design and material, if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine and visit the dentist on a regular basis then veneers in London can last between 10 and 20 years so you can continue to enjoy a happy and healthy smile.

Veneers In London For Teeth Staining

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