20+ Dazzling Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

Coffin nails are nail designs that bend in nearly to the tip where they’re squared off. It’s a very popular nail design and it looks even more fabulous when adorned with nail rhinestones.

Rhinestones are simulations of diamonds that are made from crystal glass or polymers like acrylic. Just like real diamonds, these diamond simulants instantly add a touch of glam and luxury to your nail design when used on your nails.

Rhinestones come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This means that you can create so many different designs with them. So really, your nails don’t have to be boring all the time, get yourself some rhinestones and make your nails dazzle.

If you are not sure how to adorn your coffin nails with rhinestones, don’t fret, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous coffin nails with rhinestones you will love. In fact, there are so many ideas to choose from.

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Coffin nails with rhinestones
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How to add rhinestones to your nails

Adding rhinestones to your nails is easy, the bigger challenge is getting the rhinestones to stay on your nails for a long time. It will be heartbreaking to adorn your nails with these sparkly crystals only to wake up the next morning to realize they are all gone.

So we are going to show you three different ways to add rhinestones to your nails. The methods we will be describing are; application using clear gel polish, an application using a top coat, and an application using glue or resin.

Of these three, the fastest method of application is by using the top coat, but it is also the method that doesn’t last long. If you want one that will last longer, then using gel is the way to go. Keep reading to find out how to do each method of application.

Coffin nails with rhinestones
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Coffin nails with rhinestones
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Tools for applying rhinestones

Before you start applying your rhinestones, make sure you have everything you will need prepared and ready. The basic tools you will need are; a tiny nail brush, rhinestone picker pen, and a dotting tool. You can get all these tools in this beetles nail brush set. Also, make sure you have ready, your gel, your top coat, or your glue.

Coffin nails with rhinestones
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How to apply rhinestones using top coat

As stated above, using top coat for rhinestone application doesn’t last long. Don’t be surprised if the rhinestones start coming off the very next day. But nonetheless, you can still use top coat if it’s the only thing you have available and you need to get your nails glammed up for an occasion, because it will at least last for the night.

So to use top coat, apply your nail polish and then let it dry. Then apply your top coat and immediately start adding your rhinestones on top of the top coat. To do this, pick the rhinestones with the rhinestone picker pen and fix them on to the nails.

Make sure to do this fast because top coats tend to dry faster than normal gel polish. So be sure not to use a fast-drying top coat. When you are done, remember not to go over the rhinestones with another coat of top coat. Doing this will make your rhinestones dull and you don’t want that. You want them to sparkle and shine.

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Coffin nails with rhinestones
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How to apply rhinestones using nail glue

The next method of application is using nail glue. To do this, apply your base coat and then your nail polish and let it dry. Once that is done and dry, buff the shine slightly from where you want to fix the rhinestones. This will make it stick better.

Then use a dotting tool to apply the glue on to the nail. Only put the glue at the area where the rhinestone is supposed to go. Now pick your rhinestone with your rhinestone pen picker and fix them on to the nails. Then use a tiny nail brush to apply additional glue to the base of the rhinestones for a stronger hold.

One thing to remember about using the nail glue is that, the glue can damage the silver backing of the rhinestone over time. So, you cant use the same rhinestones again later.

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How to get rhinestones to stay longer on your nails

As stated earlier, using gel polish is the best method if you want your rhinestone to stay on longer. But aside from that, there are also some practices that might get your rhinestones to come off quicker than expected.

When placing your rhinestones put them close to the cuticle, not too close but close enough to be able to seal the gaps in between. If not close to the cuticle, then place them in the center to get them to stick better and last longer.

Water can affect your nails and nail arts as well as the rhinestones. So remember to use hand gloves when doing things like washing the dishes or cleaning the floors and bathrooms.

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Coffin nails with rhinestones
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How to apply rhinestones using gel polish

If you are looking for a long-lasting rhinestone application method, then this is it. Use gel polish. Gel polish is strong enough to adhere to even the biggest rhinestones. Another good thing about using gel polish is that it does not harm or affect the rhinestones, so you can reuse them again. All you have to do is the gems to remove them and keep them till you need to use them again.

Apply your base coat, then your nail polish and cure it or let it dry. Then go over it with your top coat. Once that is also dry, use your tiny nail brush to put a thick drop of gel on top of your nail where the rhinestone should go. Now pick the rhinestone with your picker pen and put it on the nail. Once you are done, cure it.

Remember to turn your hands from side to side, this will let the UV light to cure between the gel and the rhinestones. After that, apply a thin layer of gel around the rhinestone to firmly secure it and then cure it again.

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Coffin nails with rhinestones
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