40+ Cute Easter Nail Designs To Try This Spring

Just a few days more to Easter and by now, you are hopefully looking for easter basket ideas and Easter egg design ideas. But as you are doing these, don’t forget to look for some nail designs to rock this Easter.

Below, we’ve put together over 40 Easter nail designs that are easy to do.

Easter nail design ideas

Is it really Easter without a bunny? Well, I guess not. So try a nail design with bunnies this spring. There are so many different ways to do this.

You can paint a bunny on all the nails, or have an accent nail with a bunny design on it. You can only do the bunny ears on the nails, bunny face or fully drawn bunnies on your nails. It’s really all about you and what you want.

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Yellow chick nails

Another nail design you can do for Easter is the yellow chick nails. You can paint on a yellow chick on your nails. You can do this for all the nails or combine it with other Easter nail designs. There are so many tutorials on youtube on how to draw yellow chicks on your nails. But if drawing isn’t your thing, you can simply try a yellow chick sticker.

Photo by linusnails

Easter eggs nail design

Another popular nail design for Easter is the Easter eggs nail design. With this you can do a speckled eggs nail design. To do this you can use a solid color for your base (pastels make great bases for speckled eggs nail designs). And then with a thin brush or dotting tool you can add the speckled eggs design, using a black polish or any other color of your choice.

Photo by nailedbymorg

Carrot nail design

Carrots are also great design for Easter nails, mostly because bunnies like carrots. So you can try some carrot designs by drawing carrots on your nails, a bunny holding a carrot or even using orange nail polish for your nails.

Photo by moni_wien92
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Pastel colors

This season is all about pastel shades. So try different pastel nail colors with your own designs. With pastels as your base, you can do speckled eggs design, polka dots or create your own design using pastels.

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easter nail designs
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