Prescription Eyeglasses At Your Fingertips: The Advantages Of Online Shopping

 We all probably dream of a world where everything is at our fingertips. Well, living in the twenty-first century, we are only getting closer and closer to that world.

Imagine sitting on your couch, looking at pictures of eyeglasses, finding one you like and then having those eyeglasses in your hand the next day– well, it’s actually possible.

Buying glasses online may seem like a risky thing to do, but in reality it couldn’t be simpler. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying prescription eyeglasses online. 

Prescription Eyeglasses At Your Fingertips: The Advantages Of Online Shopping
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We all know the long process that goes into buying glasses at a brick and mortar store, which can take up to a whole month. Going from store to store trying to find a comfortable frame you like, lens options you need, more affordable prices, etc.

It can be quite hard, especially for people who have busier schedules. That’s why it’s way more convenient to simply lie down on your bed or couch, spend some time looking at frames on your phone, find one you like and order it. You’ll be saving a lot more time and energy by checking out prescription glasses online  here.  


Let’s be real, buying a new pair of glasses can really hurt your wallet. This is because optical shops buy the frames from the manufacturers and then add quite a bit more to the price, in order to make a profit. By buying glasses online, you usually only pay the original price of the frames, making it much more affordable. A lot of online optical shops frequently have sales too, so you could get your frames for even cheaper prices. 


One of the best things about shopping for prescription glasses online is the catalog you have to choose from. Online optical shop catalogs are much larger than those at brick and mortar stores.

You’ll have way more options to choose from, and are practically guaranteed to find the perfect frame. You can also filter your searches by color, brand, size, shape, style, material and face shape. This way, you’ll be able to find your perfect frame much faster. 

Besides frames, you also have a lot more options for lenses. The standard lens thickness options you have at brick and mortar stores are polycarbonate and thinner high index lenses (though not all stores have the high index option). A lot of online shops also have the option of higher quality Trivex lenses.

Besides the lens thickness, you also have more options for coatings and treatments for your lenses. You can add UV protective, anti-glare, scratch resistant, anti-fatigue, light responsive, blue light treatments and coatings based on your preferences and vision needs.

If you don’t know which lenses/coatings and treatments are right for you, it is recommended to speak with your optometrist, who knows your eyes better than anyone, to see which ones are right for your vision. 

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When you order a pair of prescription eyeglasses from a brick and mortar store, it usually takes around two to three weeks to get to you. Not to mention all the time you spend before putting in the order, trying to find the frame that is right for your needs.

By shopping online, you not only save time by finding the right frame quicker, but you also receive your glasses much faster. Most online shops take only a few days to send you your prescription glasses, some even send them as soon as the next day. You’ll be saving a lot more time by ordering your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online. 

Returns and Adjustments

Once you receive your new prescription eyeglasses, make sure to take a close look at them and see if there are any issues.

Most online shops have return policies, so you’ll be able to send your glasses back hassle-free within the time limit. If the issue is on the smaller side, you may also be able to send your glasses back for adjustments.

This is something that you would need to figure out with your specific retailer, so make sure to contact your retailer right away, once you notice an issue with your glasses, to see what your options are.

So, in case you’re worried about getting your glasses and not liking them for whatever reason, you’ll most likely either be able to send them back for adjustments, or return them. 

Now that you know all of the advantages of buying prescription eyeglasses online, it’ll be pretty hard to go back to buying them from brick and mortar stores. You are definitely ready to get started on your online prescription eyeglasses journey! 


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