50+ Cute Bunny Nail Designs For Easter

Want some bunny nail designs for easter? Then browse through our collection of cute and adorable bunny nail designs.

Bunny and florals

bunny nails

This is a fun and bright yellow nail design. It includes a white bunny on one of the nails and then a floral nail design on another. The other 3 nails are just plain yellow with no designs.

Bunny and polka dots

Three colours stand out in this easter bunny nail design. White, pink and yellow. Two of the nails have a white background with polka dots. The other three have a bunny on a clear background with polka dots around it.

bunny nails

The colour that stands out in this design is pastel pink. One of the nails has white polka dots and there is a cute bunny accent on another nail.

Two pink nails, one white nail and two blue nails. The white nail is designed with pink and blue polka dots and one of the blue nails has a bunny face on it.

bunny nails

Here we have an adorable bunny face on one nail and polka dots on another nail. Then wavy lines on the other nails.

Bunny heads and bunny ears

With this design, the right nails have brown and grey bunny ears on a pink background and the left fingers have grey and pink bunny heads on a pink background

White bunny on pink

bunny nails

This is such a simple design that you can actually do for yourself. White bunny ears on a pink nail with black dots.

Pastel nails and bunny face

bunny nails

This design uses pastel pink, pastel yellow and grey. We have here 2 nails in pastel pink and two nails in pastel yellow and a bunny accent on one. The bunny has all three colours.

Here all the nails are painted in different pastel shades, all designed with zigzags and horizontal stripes. But there’s an accent nail with just the top of the bunny face. So only the eyes and ears are showing.

Bunny and french tip

This is a pink and white french tip nail design. With a brown bunny accent on one nail.

White bunny and gold glitter

bunny nails

Use different shades of pink as your canvas and add some gold glitter polish to glam it. On the accent nail is a cute white bunny.

Pastels, bow and bunny ears

All 5 nails are painted with different pastel shades. One of the nails have a pink bow sticker on it and another nail has white bunny ears painted on it.

Bunny, chicken and florals

Here we have a yellow background for all the nails. With chevron pattern on one of the nails, mama bunny on another, papa bunny on another nail, an easter chicken with the words happy easter on top and the last nail has some round flowers drawn on it.

Bunny, hearts and glitter

Here we have pink nails. With little white hearts on one, a bunny on another and pink glitter on another.

Black and white bunnies

This nail design looks so simple yet chic. All the nails have the same designs with black and white bunny designs.

Cute bunny face

This is yet another simple design you can do for yourself. White nails with cute bunny face on them.

Bunny and florals

This is a beautiful lilac nail. With bunnies on two of the nails and a sunflower on the other nails.

Another bunny and floral nail design. In this design, all the nails have some cute floral art but there is an accent bunny design on the 3rd nail.

Brown bunny family and leaves

With these, we have some leaves on the nails and then there are two nails with a brown bunny family.

Brown bunny with glitter

bunny nails

Another cute brown bunny accent nail. With silver glitter polish on another nail. And then a pastel pink shade on the three other nails.

Purple bunnies

With this design, each of the nails has a different colour and two of them have purple bunnies on them.

Bunny and carrots

As we all know, bunnies love carrots. Here the nails are designed with carrots and then there’s an accent nail design with a bunny holding a carrot.

Beauty lilac nails with a rabbit face on two of them and carrots on the rest.

Another cute bunny and carrots design. Here we have a carrot, bunny ears and bunny face.

Cute rabbit and fox

bunny nails

Here we have cute bunny faces on one nail, a fox face on another nail, a cute rabbit and then a cute fox.

Bunny, stripes, polka dots and bow

This nail design looks so fancy. There’s polka dots with a bow, stripes, a cute bunny(which reminds me of Clover, the bunny in Sophia the first) and the nails are accessorised with some cute nail studs.

Hanging bunny

How cute are these hanging bunnies? With this nail art, the bunnies are hanging on a line with clothepins.

Bunny and bow

Another cute nail design, with a bunny face. I like how the teeth of the rabbit stand out in this art.

Eggshells and bunny ears

Here, adorable bunny ears are drawn on top of the nails. And two of the nails have an eggshell canvas to represent easter eggs.


Bright nail designs are a must in spring. So this Easter, try neon green nails and add a touch of Easter by including an accent bunny.

Pink glitter and white bunnies

This is a very pretty shade of pink glitter polish. And it is designed with some cute bunny stickers and a heart too.

Pastel blue and bunny face

Blue pastel nail with some adorable bunny faces on it.

Blue nails with bunnies

I like how each of the nails has different bunny designs. It makes it very beautiful.

Orange nails with a bunny

bunny nails

Bright orange nails with an accent bunny.

Bunny and heart

Beautiful grey and lilac nail. With a heart on one nail and a cute bunny on another nail.

This looks simple yet very beautiful. Two colours are used here. Pastel green on four nails and pastel yellow on the accent nail with a bunny.


Beautiful red nail polish with an accent bunny.

Pastels and bunny ears

Different pastel shade on all the nails and each designed with bunny ears.

Bunny with a bow

Green and blue nails with a cute rabbit ear with a bow on it, so adorable.

Bunny and grass

I like this design. There’s a field of grass. One grass has easter eggs on it. Another grass has bunny ears and a bunny in the grass.

Floral bunny

The ombre design is beautiful but what stands out here is the dry flower stickers used to design a bunny.

Green nails with studs

Green nails with a bunny face and some nail studs

bunny nails
bunny nails
bunny nails
bunny nails

Pink and bunny ears

Pretty pink nails with some cute and adorable bunny eyes and ears.

Blue nails, polka dots and bunny

bunny nails

Another blue nail design with polka dots and cute bunnies.

Black bunny ears

bunny nails

This nail design reminds me of french tip nails, except here, it is a bunny tip. So we have nude nails with black bunny ears on the tip.


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