16 Of The Coolest Pixie Haircuts

Thinking about getting a haircut but not sure what style to go for? Try a pixie haircut. A pixie haircut is a fashionable haircut style for the woman who wants to try a new look by cutting their hair. It works for just about any hair type and face shape.

Whether you have an oval, round or diamond face or even heart-shaped face, a pixie cut will look flattering on you.

There are so many different ideas and styles for pixie cuts. So you have to look through to find one that you actually like. Below are some gorgeous pixie haircut ideas you might want to try. You can even create your own style with inspiration from these.

Pixie cut with faded side

This is a total badass pixie cut. Aside from the hair color, I also love the little faded region of this haircut. It is a beautiful twist to the usual pixie cut.

Blonde pixie with bangs

How stunning is this blonde pixie with pink and blue bangs. It is a fun way to wear your pixie cut to make a bold statement. And I absolutely love the matching shade of pink lipstick.

Blue pixie haircut

This season, try this pixie cut with blue tousled hair on top that creates a side bang look. I like how bold she was with her makeup, using matching blue for her eyebrows and a striking purple lipstick.

Image credit- @redasrowan

Green ombre pixie cut

How stunning is this green pixie haircut style. I like how she used different shades of green, yet they all come together to create a great look for her.

Pixie mohawk

You can also try this pixie haircut style that looks more like a mohawk. It’s a beautiful blend of the two styles to create your own unique style.

Rosegold and purple highlights

Another beautiful and colorful pixie haircut style. Rosegold hair color is becoming more popular these days. It is just so gorgeous and perfect for summer.

All black pixie cut

If the colored hair isn’t your thing, you can simply go for black. Black pixie cut is just as gorgeous as the colorful ones.

Pixie with bangs

You can also go for a pixie cut with bangs. Side bangs also look great.

Ice blonde pixie

This has got to be one of the coolest hair color trends. I absolutely love it.


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