The Ultimate Guide To Soft Girl Outfits — How To Style & Wear It

If you’re tired of the same old boring outfits and want to experiment with a new aesthetic, then dressing like a soft girl might be the perfect fit for you! The soft girl aesthetic has been taking over Instagram and TikTok, with its dreamy, nostalgic styles, and seriously romantic vibes.

But where to start? What does dressing like a soft girl even mean? How do I find soft girl outfits? Don’t worry, girl, we’re here to guide you through the soft girl aesthetic realm and make sure you look cute as a button while doing so.

The Ultimate Guide To Soft Girl Outfits — How To Style & Wear It
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What is a soft girl?

The soft girl aesthetic is all about embracing your feminine side. She loves anything pink, floral, or frilly and her staple pieces include tennis skirts paired with a cropped long-sleeved cardigan, tall socks, and white sneakers.

With a hyper-feminine style and playful attitude, the soft girl isn’t afraid to be girly. Whether she’s wearing ribbons in her hair or rocking pink glitter eyeshadow, she stays true to her unapologetically feminine self.

The soft girl aesthetic is about indulging in the little luxuries that make you feel cute and enjoy life’s sweet moments. 

soft girl aesthetic

What does a soft girl wear?

First things first, one of the key elements of the soft girl aesthetic is the bubblegum colors, oversized clothing, and floaty silhouettes.

Think of Cher from Clueless, but with a more laid-back vibe. (BTW, If you haven’t seen Clueless then you’re missing out on some amazing outfit ideas!).

A basic soft girl outfit could consist of a pastel-colored oversized sweater, a baby blue plaid skirt, and a pair of kitten heels. Add a super cute scrunchy to your hair, a delicate pearl necklace, and some cute bracelets, for some bonus points!  

What does a soft girl wear?
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Mix & Match

But soft girl outfits are not limited to just one style. You can mix and match different pieces to create your soft girl aesthetic.

The secret to soft girl style? Keep it comfy, keep it interesting, and keep it romantic by embracing your inner femininity.

For example, you could wear a silk dress, mom jeans, or a cute polo shirt with a tennis skirt. Don’t forget to be a little bit extra, try mixing and matching cute patterns, or bucket hats with smiley faces! The key to soft girl fashion is all about feeling pretty and comfortable in your skin. 

Soft girl accessories


Looking to inject some soft girl energy into your style? Here’s the hottest tip: accessorize! Accessorizing is an important aspect of being a soft girl. Remember the Bratz Dolls?

They never had too many hair accessories, jewelry, or bags, they were the queens of soft girl’s style back in the day (and now!).

Think of cute berets, velvet headbands, dainty bracelets, and mini handbags, they always had something to dress up their look. Make sure to get creative and make it work for you – and don’t let anyone tell you how to dress, it’s always a matter of a personal stylistic choice.

You could also try playing around with different textures, like lace, fur, or velvet for an extra pop! No matter what your accessory preference is, expressing yourself through fashion is the ultimate way to accessorize like a soft girl.

soft girl outfits

Thrift Shoppin’

Another fun thing about the soft girl aesthetic is that you can incorporate vintage pieces into your outfits. Raid your grandma’s closet for some retro blouses, or hit up your local thrift store for some oversized denim jackets or mini skirts.

Mixing vintage and modern pieces are a stylistic choice that can add some unique flair to your soft girl outfits. And one of the best things about having vintage pieces is that you will be able to add originality to your look because it’s unlikely that anyone else will be able to get their hands on the same piece! (Top tip:

If you go to vintage shops surrounding rich areas you can often find great designer pieces, like a cute scarf from Louis Vuitton for super cheap).

Soft Girl Makeup

Lastly, remember makeup and skincare. Being a soft girl is all about enhancing your natural beauty and radiance. Think of rosy cheeks, fluttery lashes, groomed eyebrows, and glossed lips.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different makeup looks and find what works for you. If you’re not sure how to apply make-up then find your favorite influencer’s youtube channel and get some inspiration on everything from which products are the best and how to apply them!

The Glossychic is all about inclusivity, so also be sure to find a makeup brand with the perfect shade of foundation and lipgloss for you! As for skincare, make sure to prioritize hydration and a glowy complexion.

A Soft girl’s makeup is all about the dewy, fresh look, and without the perfect skincare routine, your makeup will not last the whole day!

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Soft Girl Approved

And there you have it, you are now soft girl approved! Remember, being a soft girl is all about finding your inner Y2k, expressing your style, and having fun with it. Dressing like a soft girl may look like a blast from the past, but it is actually quite cute and relevant.

Don’t worry about following every single trend you see on TikTok and Instagram, or buying the most expensive designer pieces, (Remember my top tip!).

Soft girl aesthetic is all about getting in touch with your feminine side by using your imagination, and creativity and also being a bit extra with some subtle nostalgic elements coupled with more contemporary choices.

Putting together an outfit for a day out can be filled with girly charm, So, grab your cherry necklaces, put on some chunky sneakers, and let’s be that girl!

How To Create The Perfect Soft Girl Outfits | 2023

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