Chic Red Lip Colors

Red lipsticks are not just beautiful, there is something about them that says I’m bold and sexy. But many girls opt for the pinks because it is easier to pull off a pink lipstick than the reds.

The thing about red lipstick is that you just have to find the right shade for your skin tone. What looks good on you, may not work for me. So if you want to wear your red lipstick with confidence, then find the shade that works for you.

So these are red lipsticks I tried, that worked for me.

Planet star beautiful (PSB): I know the name doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard of. It was actually given to me as a gift and I have no idea where to get more. But if you find some anywhere, don’t be scared to give it a try because it is a really great product. It is a two in one lipgloss.

One side is the splendid honey lipgloss. And no, it doesn’t taste or smell like honey. But it has a sweet scent like a buble gum. The finish is glossy and shiny.

PSB splendid honey lipgloss

The other side is the 24h long lasting lipgloss. It is matte lipstick. Lasts really long for like 8 to 10 hours. I know it says 24 hours but we all know that not all of them are what they claim they are. It is a really good matte lipstick but you have to remember to moisturize your lips before you apply it. It has a bit of a super matte finish, no shine. And it really dries your lips so you have to moisturize your lips really well.

PSB 24h long lasting lipgloss
You can also apply the splendid honey lipgloss on it to give it more shine. So the picture below is when you apply the honey lipgloss on the matte one. It gives it a little shine and helps moisturize your lips.

Classic makeup red lipstick: This lipstick is in the shade LS13. I love it because it is perfect for all skin tones. It is not too dark or too bright. You can click here for an in-depth review on it.

classic makeup red lipstick

Classic makeup 24hours long lasting lipgloss: So far this is my favourite matte lipgloss. It is super pigmented and creamy. Although it is matte, it doesn’t dry instantly, so you have a chance to apply it like you want before it dries. Once it is dry, it stays on for hours until you are ready to remove it at the end of the day. And the best part is, when you have this lipgloss on, it feels like you have nothing on. And it has a bit of a lustre finish. I have this in two shades 08 and 09.
The 09 is a little bit bright with orange undertone and the 08 is more like a true red.

classic 24h lipgloss 09                                                           classic 24h lipgloss 08

Miss corina envy me lipstick: This is the latest addition to the family. It has a shiny finish that makes it look glossy. It doesn’t really stay on for long. You have to make sure you reapply after eating.

envy me lipstick

Hugs & kisses lipstick: This is in the shade rouge. It is a bright red lipstick with a luscious formula, that is richly pigmented. Although it is not matte, it stays on for a couple of hours before you have to reapply. It fell and broke but that hasn’t stopped me from using it.

hugs & kisses lipstick in rouge

Fully rose jumbo pencil: Applying this jumbo pencil on your lips feels so smooth as velvet. It is creamy and glides on. It gives you kind of matte finish but it is not matte. You have to reapply after you eat or after a few hours.

fully rose

Miss laureta lipliner:
Although this is supposed to be a liner, I use it as lipstick sometimes because it is a pretty shade of red.

miss laureta

So these are my favourite red lip clours at the moment. What is your go-to red lippie?


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