30+ Stunning Coffin Nail Designs For 2023

Coffin nail design is one nail trend that is here to stay. Don’t be creeped out by the name because this type of nail is very stylish and elegant. It is called coffin nail because of the shape it takes, it looks like the shape of a coffin.

Unlike stiletto nails which are pointy, coffin nails are filed to a tapered point and then squared off. The flat tip makes coffin nails stronger and more durable. Your coffin nails can be long or short depending on what you fancy.

Browse through our stunning collection of coffin nail designs for nails that are trendy and beautiful for 2023. Whether you want these nail design ideas for yourself or you are a professional nail artist looking for ideas for your clients, there are so many options to choose from.

Nail salons all face stiff competition. This is why it is important to always stay on top of your designs that way your clients will be happy whenever they come to you.

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Coffin nail designs for 2023

If you love gingham, then you are going to love the checkered design that this nail takes. This uses different pastel shades to create the beautiful gingham nails. You can recreate it using pastels or brighter hues if you want.

coffin nails
Photo by malinasnaglar

This is a very elegant black coffin nail design that features two matte black nails, two black glitter nails and one shiny black nail design.

Photo by haparenee

Agate nails are also becoming very popular lately. To do this nail design, paint all the nails with a brown nail polish. Once it is dried make the agate design on the middle finger and the ring finger using soft pink, blue and brown nail polish. Then accessorize the other nails with gold rhinestones.

coffin nails
Photo by johnnyynails

This is a very classy coffin nail design using nude nail polish with black and white. This nail design can be taken anywhere and will definitely match whatever outfit you pick.

Photo by timmy_1992

Another classy nail design using soft pink and white. To begin, paint all the nails with the base color which is the soft pink. Then make slanted lines on the pinky finger with the white nail polish using a small nail brush. Then the ring finger and index finger, use a thicker brush to draw two spiralling lines and then the middle finger, make it french with a curve.

Here, we have a combination of neutral, pink, and white with pink glitter and nail rhinestones. Simply paint the index finger white. Then paint the thumb and the ring finger with a pink glitter polish. Then for the index and middle finger, paint them nude. Now with a tiny nail brush, paint little hearts on the index finger with a white glitter polish with tiny sprinkles. Then make white french tips for the middle finger. Add some small rhinestones to the base of the middle finger and then put bigger rhinestones on the ring finger.

This is a very beautiful pink and rosegold coffin nail design. Looks like all ten fingers have different designs using the same colors. So you can recreate this nail design however you want. You can have an accent rosegold glitter nail or rosegold French tips.

This is a cute bunny nail design perfect for spring. On one hand is a basic french manicure and the other hand is a plain base.

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coffin nails
Photo by nails_tj

Here we have a mixture of white glitter nails, red chrome nails, black and white marble nails and red nail foils. So many different nail designs but they all come together to form a gorgeous nail art with a bold and fierce touch.

This is a blue monochromatic nail design ranging from soft pastel blue colors to dark gradient blue.

To recreate this nail design, paint the pinky nail with a bright pink nail polish and adorn it with some rhinestones. Then paint the ring finger white and accessorize it with white nail foils. Then use a bright pink glitter with tiny sprinkles for the middle finger, then create an ombre design for the index finger using the pink and white.

A vey simple yet beautiful soft pink nail design with an accent glitter nail.

Yes, neutrals and browns can be stylish too. Just add glitter, some gemstones and dried flowers to make them stylish and glamorous.

Photo by nailsbypaul

Butterflies and blues are perfect for spring and summer. Get this blue ombre nail design this spring and adorn with tiny nail studs and some butterfly stickers.

coffin nails
Photo by justnailsme
coffin nails
Photo by anndaonails
Photo by louis__escape
Photo by nailfye
Photo by lori_nails

Baby blue marbles. Brilliant nail idea for the summer.

Your black coffin nails don’t have to be boring. Add some glitz and glam with gold glitter and gold nail studs. And an accent ombre nail with a gold glitter strip.

Photo by tomtr_nails

This nail design features a French manicure in different colors with different animal prints on each nail. This includes; cow prints, leopard prints and then Zebra stripes.

How glamorous is this nail design? This will be a very beautiful nail design for an evening occassion, a wedding or prom. The white pearls are the perfect glam touch for the nails.

Photo by fannyvnailz

Another lovely nail design that will do for Valentine’s day. But hey, you dont have to wait till valentine’s day to rock this beautiful nail art.

Photo by nailsbyleahd

For this nail design, paint all the nails with a matte black nail polish. Then dip a nail brush in a shiny black nail polish and put the nail polish on your nails to form thick dots on the nails.

Photo by sidditynails

This is a very simple nail design to recreate. Paint all the nails with neutral nail polish. then use gold nail polish to make tiny french tips for the nails, then with your tiny brush and gold nail polish, draw a curve in the middle.

Here we have green marble nails embellished with gold foil flakes.

Photo by nailsby_twan

If you love Fendi, then you are going to love this Fendi nail design.

This is an elegant nude and brown French nail design with an accent brown nail design.

This pink ombre nail design would be perfect for valentine’s day or a romantic date night, because of the heart shape that the crystals take.

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