70+ Beautiful Protective Hairstyles Perfect For The Festive Season

Getting to the end of the year, the weather conditions aren’t really favourable to the natural hair. It is therefore advisable to get protective hairstyles that actually protects the natural hair. This way the natural hair is kept healthy.

With protective hairstyle, the ends of your hair are tucked away and hence are not exposed to unfavourable conditions like the weather which can be very harsh on the hair during this time of the year.

Protective hairstyles are usually done using kanekalon hair, the number of packs you need usually depends on the style you are doing, the length of the braids, and the thickness of the braids. But for most braid styles 2 to 3 packs of kanekalon hair should do.

We’ve sourced the internet for some beautiful protective hairstyles you can try. We hope you’ll find some to inspire your next hairstyle.

Protective hairstyle ideas

Bohemian braids

Bohemian braids are simply braids with undone ends. This means that with bohemian braids, your hair is not fully braided. But instead, it is braided to a certain length and the ends are left unbraided. This makes your braids look fuller and voluminous.

The unbraided ends can be left like that for a carefree bohemian look or it can be curled. Since braids are usually left in for about 4 to 6 weeks, you can leave the ends undone for about two weeks and then curl it after that to give your hair a new look.

Some bohemian braids you can do includes bohemian box braids, bohemian cornrows and bohemian feed-in braids.

Cornrow styles

The next protective style on our list is cornrows. Cornrows are protective hairstyles braided using the underhand technique. Cornrows are braided so close to the scalp, so the skin is exposed. Just like box braids, cornrows can also last for over a month. But it is not advisable to keep braids in for over 6 weeks.

There are different types of cornrows you can do. You can have them braided asymmetrically or with feed-in braids. Feed-in braids are basically cornrows but whereas cornrows only use synthetic hair from the start of your hairline, with feed-in braids, more synthetic hairs are added as you keep braiding.

Half up half down hairstyles

This is a very fun protective hairstyle. Here, half of your braids (usually the top part) are held up in a bun and the other half (the bottom braids) is left down. You can do this hairstyle with cornrows or box braids or even with both.

You can have cornrows at the front held up in a bun and box braids at the back left loose. You can also have two side buns up. There are so many varieties of ways to rock this beautiful hairstyle.

Updo hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are very chic and sophisticated. These are great ways to style your braids for the office or for a meeting. You can do this with cornrows and box braids by holding them in a bun, ponytails work too.

Double bun cornrow styles

For this hairstyle, is double the bun and double the fun. Hold your cornrows in two buns. This can either be left and right or up and bottom, your choice. Get creative.

Side cornrow styles

With side cornrows your hair is braided to the side instead of going straight back. Do your braids with wine or pink synthetic hair to add a pop of color to your look.

Jumbo cornrow styles

One way to style your cornrows is with jumbo cornrow styles. This can be done by either sectioning your hair into two, three or four parts. You can braid them in a straight line or have them braided at an acute angle.

Trendy cornrow styles

What I like about these cornrows are how they are braided at different angles to make them visually appealing. For these cornrow styles, you will definitely need a professional.

Box braids

Box braids are super cool protective hairstyles that are so versatile because you can style them in so many different ways. You can let your box braids go straight to the back, you can hold them in a bun or a ponytail and you can even braid your ponytail to give it a new look.


There are so many twist hairstyles you can do. There are kinky twists, passion twists, senegalese twists, havana twists among others. Your twists can be short or long depending on your preference.

Other protective styles

Below are some other protective hairstyle that are absolutely gorgeous and you might want to try.

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