What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Band

Are you in the process of choosing your wedding band?

Knowing what to consider when picking your band can be difficult but following these simple steps will help you not only pick your dream ring in time for your wedding but enjoy the process too!

What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Band
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Make it an occasion

When planning a wedding it is very easy to get overwhelmed by your extensive ‘wedmin’ list of to-dos. No matter how hard you try, wedding tasks sometimes need to be approached as you would with any other task, and they are less romantic than you may like.

However, try not to let purchasing a wedding band become one of these quick tick tasks. Unlike choosing a cake or creating a playlist, you are hopefully going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life so it’s important you pick the right one.

Use picking your wedding band as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. Why not get lunch beforehand or celebrate with a drink afterward?

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Your engagement ring

When choosing your wedding band, it is important to consider your engagement ring. The style, setting, and materials all need to be in accordance with one another to ensure a unified set.

Firstly, it is important that your wedding band can sit well beside your engagement ring. Often engagement rings have a high setting which allows simple wedding bands to fit flush next to it. However, those with more unusual designs may have to look into tailoring the shape of their wedding ring.

As well as the physical fit, prioritise finding a design that compliments the look of your engagement ring. Those with a classic diamond style may want to add extra sparkle by choosing a diamond ring for their wedding band too. Alternatively, a plain band is a great way to keep the focus on the details of your engagement ring.

It is also essential that your wedding band matches the metal of your engagement ring. This will help to avoid tarnish and ensure that your rings look as good as new for years to come.

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As mentioned, buying a wedding band is often just one task on a very long to-do list. Despite this, it is vital that you don’t leave it too late. Wedding bands often can’t be purchased and taken home on the same day, especially if they require resizing or you plan on having them engraved.

Enquire into how long it is likely to take and leave plenty of time for the ring to arrive before your big day. Remember that you and your partner may not necessarily buy your bands from the same place and so you will have to keep track of two different lead times.


Easy to forget but important to remember is insurance for your wedding ring. While you may already have dedicated wedding insurance to protect you in case anything goes wrong, it is also highly advisable to get additional insurance for both your engagement ring and wedding bands.

It may be that they can be covered using your home insurance policy, but make sure to double-check this as you may need to make policy changes to ensure they are included. This will give you peace of mind that should anything happen to them, you have them covered.


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