How To Be More Stylish In 2023

We’ve arrived at a new year. This is the perfect opportunity to clear out our closets and rethink our wardrobes.

Whether you’ve been meaning to update your attire for a while or you’ve recently resolved to ditch those jeans from 2014, now is the perfect time to make some changes to what you wear. If you’re looking for some ideas to guide you towards new fashion ideas for 2023, read on. We have just what you need to help you change things up.

5 ways to be more stylish in 2023
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5 ways to be more stylish in 2023

The right fit

Be honest. How often have you kept hold of clothes that you hope to fit into again one day? Or you’ve not returned that dress that didn’t look quite right? Buying well-fitting clothes is a fast track to feeling good. If you’re walking around in ill-fitting trousers, it will affect how you carry yourself and potentially damage your confidence.

So, dress in the clothes that fit you well. Don’t look at the size listed in the tag and instead choose the garments that you feel fit you properly – after all, those sizes vary from store to store anyway.

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Invest in quality

Buy good quality clothes that will last. Fast fashion is a real issue for several reasons, from ethical concerns to issues around the environment. Therefore, choosing brands that create good quality pieces that you can wear again and again is a great way to look and feel good.

So, go for fundamentals like jeans and a timeless white shirt. Also, invest in occasion wear,   and take the time to search for a dressy outfit that you’ll cherish.  

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Go for staples

We’ve already mentioned the essentials like jeans and a white button-up shirt. These are fashion staples that are here to stay, whatever the current runway trends dictate. Some other enduring pieces include a black T-shirt, court shoes and a good pair of ankle boots.

Also, think of your outerwear. Denim jackets in the summer and biker jackets will always wear well.

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Create a capsule wardrobe

Whether you’re updating your wardrobe for work or leisure, try investing in pieces that could work for both. You could opt for a selection of dresses that work well in the office as well as worn for lunch with friends, while black jeans look good for a meeting or evening drinks.

Be brutal

Bin the things you no longer want. Try on outfits you’ve forgotten about and if you’re definitely not going to wear them, give them to charity.

Remove anything that’s taking up precious wardrobe space and swap it for exciting new finds that will stand the test of time


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