5 Things To Know About Barn Weddings

Planning your wedding is an exciting organizational challenge. You get to spend the rest of your life with your chosen person and it is going to be great. However, when planning a wedding you have to really think about the venue.

One popular option is having a barn wedding and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice glamour. You can have a reception in the barn and you can definitely turn it into a glamorous place, just follow a few tips we have prepared for you. 

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5 Tips For Your Barn Wedding

Getting Ready Area

No matter what venue you choose, you should have a getting-ready area. Having a barn venue makes this perfect because there is plenty of space in there for this area. This is a small detail that can make a huge difference and save you time and stress.

A getting-ready area for your girls and one for your partner and their crew means that you don’t have to get ready at home and then travel to your venue risking your makeup to get all smudged. So, when researching barn venues see if there is space for you to get ready in and have some fun before the party.

Climate Control

This element is probably the most important one. You probably expect a lot of guests and things can get too hot in a barn on a warm summer day. That is why you should see how you can control the climate.

One option is to choose a barn venue that has a spray on insulation that will keep all the cool air inside. Another option is adding a few fans but these could affect the atmosphere of your wedding. AC is also a great option, so make sure to add ways to cool off when choosing a barn venue.

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You want your wedding photos to simply be gorgeous and to achieve that choose a barn venue that has nice landscaping. You can check out a few venues and find one that has the best-looking surrounding fields to fit your vision since they are going to be the backdrop for all the photos.

Landscaping can make a lot of great opportunities for great photos. You can always get out and have amazing photos of the sunset, it’s where your guests can gather for photoshoots and so much more. You can even consider adding a few decorations and even some additional rustic elements to complete the decor and make perfect photo-taking places. 


You probably already know that a barn doesn’t really include a bathroom. However, your wedding reception should definitely have one. To resolve this issue, simply make sure to check if the venue you plan to choose has a fully functional bathroom. This bathroom should also be completely accessible for all your guests.

Most barn venues have porta-potties on site, and if this is something you want to avoid, make sure to look for a venue until you find one with bathrooms. And even if the barn you truly want for your venue doesn’t have convenient restrooms, see with your planner if you can bring in luxury mobile restroom trailers. 


Most barns are just open spaces that can be overwhelming at first look. However, when you sit down and map out the layout of the tables and chairs, everything will take its true shape. Make sure to lay out the seating in a way that you have enough space for a dance floor, DJ, photo booth, buffet tables, and any other elements you want to incorporate.

Simply think about how your reception will flow – bridal party entrance, receiving line, dinner lines, dancing, etc. And make sure to pay attention to square footage to be certain you can incorporate all the elements. 

These are probably the most important aspects of choosing a barn venue for your wedding day. Even though these things don’t seem so big, they will definitely affect the atmosphere and how people feel at your wedding. So, when planning, make sure you have all the elements to turn your wedding into a glamorous event. 



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