5 Reasons To Choose Clip-In Hair Extensions For Better Hair

The trend of hair extension is gaining popularity exponentially around the globe. Various extensions are available nowadays, from tape-in to seamless to clip-in extension types. Most widely used out of all extensions are the clip-in hair extensions because of the following reasons.

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Why use clip-in hair extensions

Effortless Installation:

Installation of these extensions is just as easy as putting a clip in the hair, quite literally. Therefore, they are perfectly beginner friendly. Unlike tape-in hair extensions that require professional help, installing clip-in extensions add-ons takes no more than 15 minutes at home. The process usually entails sectioning and clipping of extension in place, and it is fairly simple:

  •  Brush your hair and section them with a thin tail comb.
  • Add some volume powder to your hair for added thickness and grip
  • Take a section and backcomb it close to the roots. Do the same with the remaining sections.
  • Sectioning is then followed by applying hair spray.
  •  Open the clip by bending it and secure it in place, again followed by hair spray
  • Close the clip and follow the same process with the rest

Readily Available

Clip-ins are one of the earliest hair extensions available in the market yet have a beginner-friendly price range. They cost anywhere between £50 to £200. It is the most affordable option compared to Halo extensions and Tape-in extensions.

Hair extensions professionals such as Cliphair offer a free colour-matching service to pair you with the perfect hair extensions to blend in with your natural colour, for a mindful purchase.

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There are various options in colours and sizes for these hair extensions. You can also get a custom-made extension for short, long, curly, or straight hair. Commonly available lengths in these extensions range from 8 inches to as long as 24 inches with varying weights. The weight of each clip section depends on the number of hair strands it contains.

Hair will look thicker and fuller with heavier extensions. Moreover, the material used in such hair products also varies according to the user’s requirements. Remy hair extensions are most in demand because of their healthy-looking appearance. To this day, Remy Royale-quality hair is commonly known as the highest quality available on the market.

Feasible Styling

It would not be wrong to say that these extensions are quite durable and can be used to make amazing hairstyles. They can be styled just like your own hair and can be easily installed and removed within minutes. The use of heat protectants is, however, always highly encouraged to increase their longevity.

Hair Protection

Some extensions would require you to use medical glue, which can adversely affect the scalp. Clip-ins, on the other side, protect your natural hair underneath and also prevent excess sweating. There is a risk of baldness with the application of strong hair adhesives using tapes and glues.

Clips are safe to use and intend no harm to your hair. You can just put on an extension of the colour of your choice, and straighten it, curl it, or wear it as it is without the fear of damaging your hair.

5 Reasons To Choose Clip-In Hair Extensions For Better Hair


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